Duffy Appears on the Cover of Marie Claire

Singer Duffy appears on the cover of the latest Issue of Marie Claire and talks about her childhood, singing career, fame & success.

Duffy, the Welsh songbird who escaped a 1960s time capsule, is doing her best to explain where she fits into this world. "I sing for others to enjoy," she insists, rather unexpectedly. "I have never done this for myself." Asked to expand, the result is no less perplexing. "I am the singer. I don't do singing," she stresses. "This is who I am. I am the voice. This is me. There's no separation. My record is me. The music is me. I don't live for myself. It's so hard to explain."

"I remember signing a big record deal and being in a cafe by myself, weighing up what it really meant," she recalls. "I hadn't written 'Mercy' at this time. One of the cons was the fact that my life became part of the record. The person you see. I'm clumsy, I talk sh*t, I'm not perfect. You attach that great work to this? I'm responsible for it now? This 26-year-old, Welsh, blonde thing."

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