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Searching for a Chill Out Place Just Got Easier with The Drink Card App!

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Looking for a place to party this New Year’s Eve? Or how about a place to chill with friends after work this Christmas Eve? Well look no further than The Drink Card which is the First and Only App that specialises in the Asia’s Chill-Out scene.

The Drink Card is the First and the ONLY mobile app that provides the most up to date Chill-Out Directory with More than 4,000 outlets such as Clubs, Cafes, Lounges, Bistro, Wine bar, Family Karaoke, Pubs in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Dubai & Philippines.

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Using the App is a breeze as its user interface is intuitive and those familiar with social media platforms will find themselves at home. For example, if you are looking to watch the next big match, all you have to do is select “Live Soccer” and the country and you get a list of places without the need to search through layers of menus. Which in my books is a good thing.

Just like social media platforms, each of these venues shown also has its own tags so that you can navigate to other similar venues using these tags. Something that social media users will definitely appreciate.

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Clicking the venue will bring you to its own page where a myriad of details of the place can be found. The categories are neatly situated at the top for easy navigation while the content appears below. From the latest promotions to the details of the venue, pictures taken and even reviews can be accessed to help users decide if this is the place to be at. And if you like the place, you can also “follow” to have updates delivered to you.

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The Drink Card also boast to provide a directory of countries around the region and to put this to the test, I tried to count the number of venues provided in Japan. Let’s just say after 5 pages of scrolling down, I gave up trying to count and admit defeat in this.

One thing I noticed while using The Drink Card is that content is still very new with many places while listed, do not have much content in itself like reviews or ratings. This of course is to be expected as well seeing how the App is still rather new to the market.

The only other downside to The Drink Card is that unless you are using a mobile device with HD resolution and above, the GUI can get rather cluttered with information and pictures. Although with screen resolution getting bigger by the months and phablets becoming mainstream, this shouldn’t cause too much inconvenience to many.

Overall The Drink Card is a good App to have especially with the festive season upon us.

Download The Drink Card at the Google Play Store and at Itunes App Store.

by Kenneth Wong

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