Dragons on the Big Screen

At the strike of 12, Chinese all over the world usher in the Chinese Lunar New Year with loud firecrackers going off and colourful fireworks colouring the night sky as the year of the Dragon is ushered in.

The Dragon is often known as a mystical creature of folklore with scales protecting their big powerful bodies and a fiery breathe that can cook most living things well done. While its origins can be found in the ancient Chinese tales and stories, the western entertainment industry has also taken a huge interest in these creatures of old with many appearance of this majestic beast in many movies.

In this month’s POP Corn, Kenneth Wong finds it fitting to share two of his favorite dragons from the Big screen.

Falkor The Luckdragon

One of my favorite fantasy novel and movie of the same name when I was much younger was The Neverending Story. There was this special something about its engaging story and its characters that I remember reading the novels over and over and even day dreaming of me being in it too. Out of the list of characters that I found very fascinated with Falkor The Luckdragon.

In the movie, he is this lovable dragon that looked nothing like the usual interpretations that would appear is most fantasy stories. Rather than a fierce winged lizard inspired creature that breathed flaming red hot fire, Falkor looked more like he had a canine somewhere in his genealogy. From his rudimentary paws to his distinctive canine facial features plus him asking to be scratched behind his ears, I guess this is one dragon that wouldn’t give children nightmares.

As a luckdragon, he and his kind are not known to have immense physical strength or great magical talents but rather incredible luck on their side. This meant that everything he did, even when the odds are firmly against him, would still turn out fine thanks to that amazing luck on his side.

I guess you could say Falkor is one of my favorite dragons as he would make a perfect companion whose luck would help tip the scales in your favor.


Mushu remains as one of my favorite dragons till date even though Disney’s interpretation of the Mulan folktale is done in 2D in an age where computer animation seems to be the “in” thing. While most dragons were fearsome creatures with wings that allowed them to gracefully soar the clouds, Mushu spends most of his time on the ground and sometimes stuffed into Mulan’s bag, not a very majestic thing for a Dragon if you ask me.

But what Mushu lacks in statue, he makes up with his wittiness, personality and heart. For a small Dragon , he sure has a big mouth too and that often gets him into trouble. But one cannot deny his heart of gold and he desire to help Mulan which often results in the most hilarious methods that only he is capable off.

I guess what drew me to like Mushu as a dragon is that he is everything a dragon is not suppose to be, and he does it exceptionally well. It also helps that while drawn as a Chinese inspired Dragon, his personality is so “westernly funny” thanks to the voice over by Eddie Murphy and later Mark Moseley. Perhaps one of the better “oxymorons” examples in movies, especially of dragons which is so rare, Mushu has come to be another one of my favorite dragons on the big screen.

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