Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4) Review

Dragon Age is a series that is no stranger to gamers all around the world as the title itself seeks to marry and to combine the themes of medieval fantasy with the very well received and popular dialogue system of Bioware which is evident in other titles like mass effect, knights of the old republic. I still remembered dwelling into the first 2 titles which up to today still spawns multiple debates as to which of the 2 are better. There is no simple answer to that. The platforms in which you play the games matter as the first dragon age using the tactical overhead approach allowing you to plan your battles and give instructions to your team members. Dragon Age 2 however proved to be more of a console friendly environment. How does Dragon Age: Inquisition fair coming in? Fear not, for good news awaits you.

Thrust right into the world and lore of dragon age, amidst the battle and fight between mages and Templars, you are what stands in between the 2 of them. With full customization options, the player can choose between multiple races, multiple classes, weapon load outs and difficulty levels. Set in Thedas, you are cast as an inquisitor. Much like stepping into the world immediately as a “chosen one”, the “one” genre of character. You lead a group of fellow adventurers and warriors with the same cause. Fan favorite Varric makes a return to the game as he joins your party early on.

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The game itself looks wonderful. No stranger to the dragon age world, I was often a fan of the size and scope of the game. Inquisition does not let you down in this aspect. In fact the game itself promotes exploration. The one repeating word that seemed to ring out constantly was the word “momentum”. This game keeps you hooked and interested at all times. You are never done until it’s time to head out of the house as I often say. This is a good thing.

The game centers on the theme of exploration as it wants you to interact with a world which is so richly populated with content and things to do. You might be scaling a mountain, finding loot chests, and helping out a person in need, opening up a new area and setting camp. These are just some examples of the many things to do amidst trying to work your way through the main story. The exploration does a wonderful job at mixing things up without the game growing stale.

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The side quests served as a good form of distraction as you earn “power” along the way as you perform quests, level up and close rifts. The “power” as currency allows you to make certain decisions in game which affect the way you maintain political relationships. As you seek to expand the size of your army. Your military advisors back at base help you to handle world situations which lead to rewards and expand the plot lines. This works well for the most part as you could think of this as an upgrade timer.

Combat is a good synthesis between the first 2 dragon ages. The fast and intense battle system of Dragon Age 2 and the tactical overview with the ability to issue commands. This is a good thing for fans of both series. While I personally preferred the fast and furious action of Dragon Age 2 battle system, I happy to report that fans of the first game can count on issuing commands to party members on the fly. Combat difficulty can vary but so are the difficulty levels which can be adjusted according to how you want to play the game. Generally, I found myself quite comfortable with the normal difficulty settings. But for those who prefer a tougher challenge or wish to breeze through the plot with ease can toggle settings accordingly.

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Dragons Age: Inquisition is a wonderful reminder of how far games have come and leaping between platforms of the last generation and the current ones. While Ubisoft’s Assassin’s creed unity and Master Chief collections fell victim to making stuttering appearances on the next generation platforms, Dragon Age has proved that a game can indeed make a good strong transition over to next generation platforms. Not only does it outdo itself in every way possible, Dragon Age succeeds in making a game that is personal, relatable, ambitious, and massive in scale. We would easily recommend this game to those thinking of pushing their new hardware considering Christmas is just around the corner.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

by Kenneth Choong

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