Dracula travels the world

Dracula Untold is the big blockbuster this month and much has been hyped about the movie including a long and tiring press tour for stars Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon. They visited countries like Berlin, England and Dublin before eventually wrapping up the tour at the UK premiere.

Let’s take a look at some of the moments captured on camera while the stars were touring Europe.

dracula berlin 1

Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon at a Berlin press photocall where the stars were a little more casual and light hearted.

dracula british library 1

Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon at the British Library Dracula Exhibition Private View which certainly proved to be quite an interesting experience not just for the stars but the staff as well.

dracula dublin 1

dracula dublin 2

Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon at the Dracula Untold Dublin premiere and here’s where Luke Evans really starts to have fun because he is pictured taking selfies with so many fans throughout.

dracula uk 1

dracula uk 2

Luke Evans was a sport throughout the press tour helping many fans take selfies which I’m sure will go a long way in helping his star status rise as one of the coolest and most likeable celebrities in the world.

Dracula Untold opens in cinemas 2 Oct 2014

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