Doujin Market (Doujima) 2015 Spring Edition

Doujin Market Doujima 2015 Spring Edition (16)

More than 700 people turned up at a small room at *Scape on 25 April 2015 for the biannual doujin market, Dojima, happening that weekend, to celebrate and indulge in their love for fan art. Local artists gathered at the TreeTop at *SCAPE since as early as 9am that morning to set up their booths and display their wares.

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At first glance, the Japanese mobile game, Touken Ranbu, seems to be the biggest hit at this place. Though one can still spot the usual fan favourites of Free!, Haikyuu and other sports anime. There are also homage paid to Western fandoms such as Big Hero 6, Avengers and The Hobbit.

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You should have seen the deliriously happy look on the faces on the event goers here. When interviewed on their damages, most only held up their hands and bags full of their latest loot with a sheepish grin on their faces. Artists are also more than willing to take on commissions on the spot, even on the poster tubes that you can purchase from the main NTP booth at the entrance.

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Of course, while cosplay is not the main focus of the event, NTP prides itself in running cosplay friendly events. Some fans have decided to show their love of their fandom by dressing up their favourite characters. Of course, some booth owners had joined in on the fun too.

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This edition of Doujima also aims to add value to the local fan creation community by organising workshops that help level up hopeful creators among Singapore youths. Some of the workshops on the programme include a writing workshop focused on world building for fantasy and speculative fiction.

So will we have Doujima again next year? “Definitely,” says Jason Koh, Account Director at Neo Tokyo Project (NTP). “With the support of the community, we would be glad to provide artists with a platform to showcase their talents.”

Well, we definitely look forward to it!

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