Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop

Held In response to the recent abandonment of pets over the Chinese New Year period and continued media stories on adoption efforts, stray and homeless dogs in Singapore, the National Geographic Channel has partnered four dog shelters to hold the largest ever dog-adoption drive in Singapore.

Kenneth Wong braves the rainy Saturday morning to cover the event that is close to his heart being the owner of a silky terrier himself.

Held at the Dalbergia Green, East Coast Park, the Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop event is organised by the National Geographic Channel with representatives from the pet industry and 4 dog shelters coming together to champion a very noble cause.

Even though the sky was dark and a heavy drizzle eventually covered the whole event area, the spirits of everyone didn’t drown out with the rain. Umbrellas were out as everyone continued to visit the different tents by Action for Singapore Dogs, Animal Lovers League, Noah’s Ark and Gentle Paws.

Thankfully the shower soon subsided down to a slight drizzle and while some still had their umbrellas out, many including myself were moving around and checking out the many canine stars at the different tents.

It was also very heart warming to see members of the public attend the event with their own canine friends as well. While some of the smaller dogs were happy to be in the arms of their owners, the bigger ones were happy roaming the wet grounds socializing with other dogs.

Even the kids were in on the action too with their canine friends. Nothing like invoking the youth with lessons on responsibility that will help shape their character for life.

With all the cheerful buzz all around the event ground, I couldn’t help but feel this sense of optimism among everyone. From the volunteers from the different dog shelters who were busy explaining to visitors about the adoption process to even the many dog owners who turned up to show their support.

Even my parents who decided to tag along looked like they enjoyed themselves meeting the different dogs and talking to the fellow dog owners, trading tips and sharing experiences.

I guess if there is one photo to sum up the whole event, it would be of this cute little feller who decided to pose for my camera.

With news on the Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop facebook page that the dogs are starting to find new homes after the event (4 at the time of this writing), we at the POPCulture Online team do wish all the cute lovable dogs from the different shelters will find a new home really soon.

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