Discovering Hidden Treasures

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. By the time this issue is launched there would probably be about 3 days left of the 15 day Lunar New Year celebrations and I sincerely that you have enjoyed the festive season.

Being the start of the new year it’s usually quiet as most people are still in the holiday mood from as early as Christmas from last year to the New Year and then the Lunar New Year. Well at least that’s the case in Asia. But having said that we’re all still somehow frantically trying to find the time to squeeze in discussions and make plans for the rest of the year in the hopes that if we work hard now, the rest of the year would be smooth sailing.

Though we’re only at our Feb issue, we’ve already made plans for issues due in May and June and we’re even looking at July now with so many fantastic movies and events set to occur this year. This issue’s cover page is a bit of a dream come true for me because Kate Beckinsale is one of my favorite actresses and what a joy it is to have her on the cover. It’s like a huge achievement for us here and while we were planning the layout we noticed that the tagline for the movie Underworld Awakening was “Vengeance Returns” and one of our crew members said “More like hotness returns! Just look at her man!” You know what, it was perfect because Kate Beckinsale is pure hotness and she’s finally returned to action films starting with Underworld Awakening. So there you go, she’s bringing hotness back!

I digress, I was talking about the Lunar New Year and how people are frantically working to set things in motion for the rest of the year….. yes well what I was getting to was how I think we should all take time to appreciate the simple things in life. Nice cool breeze, good music, good food….you know, things like that. I was writing about Amy WInehouse and reviewing her latest album and I realised how great a talent we have lost.

I felt bad to be honest because I was never her biggest fan even from my time in radio. Just listening to “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” I literally wanted to cry because every note she sang was so sad so filled with emotion so real and that’s music man! I know….I’m getting a little emotional here but honestly, she’s gone now but she had such a gift. Makes you think and start to treasure the gifts around you…..both discovered and hidden.

E Danker

Co-Founder and Editor of POPCulture Online

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