Discover Japan Exhibition with SDN48

Organised by the Japan National Tourism Organisation, The Discover Japan Exhibition along Orchard Road hopes to promote Japan to Singaporeans as a popular tourism travel spot again after the tsunami and earthquake that hit the nation in March last year.

In town for their SDN48: Final Stage concert at *SCAPE, it was a special bonus to have 3 of the SDN48 members on stage to tell everyone about the country that the group comes from.

SDN48 members Chen Qu, Serina, Sayaka Kondo took to the stage and after a short introduction of themselves, shared with everyone about SDN48 and how they were different from the other sister groups.

Each member also shared about a place in Japan that they hoped Singaporeans traveling to Japan would visit as well as the reason behind it. One place that was mentioned was Akihabara where you can find electronics of all sorts. Tourists would also get a special discount there and of course everyone visiting should stop by the AKB48 theater to watch the performances.

The 3 of them ended of the segment with a message for everyone present, which included the many fans who caught word of  the appearance of the SDN48 members and turned up with banners to support them.

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