Diablo III: Wrath Animated Short

The animated short, Diablo III: Wrath, has been released as the build up to the highly anticipated action role playing game, Diablo III. Presented by Blizzard and Titmouse Inc. together with director Peter Chung, the short animation gives fans a quick look into the time before the Diablo series of games.

In the short animated clip, Deckard Cain is seen in the old Tristram Cathedral going through some ancient text about the angel demon war. The scene then switches to the war itself as the angel army led presses the army of Diablo and gained the upper hand thanks to their unity,

Unfortunately this was short lived as thanks to the Archangel of Valor, Imperius, fell into Diablo’s ultimate trap by not ignoring the words of the Archangels. The 6 plus minutes Diablo III: Wrath than switches back to Deckard Cain who ends it with the words:

“Angels, demons, I fear their conflict will soon engulf the world of men. And when it does what hope will there be when even the wrath of angels cannot be quenched.”

Diablo III is set to be released on the 15th of May 2012 with servers opening for local gamers at 3:01pm on the same day.

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