Diablo 3 Reviewed

A game that is about 12 years in the making and sees a queue that would make local rallies look like a class outing, Diablo 3 has not only taken Singapore by storm but also the whole world.

Our resident gamer on the PC, Kenneth Wong dives into the depths of the Skeleton King to the reaches of the High Heavens to tell you if the tremendous hype generated for the 3rd installment in the Diablo series was worth the wait.

The games in the Diablo series has always been a very simple affair. Let players choose from different classes, give them skills to choose from and set them off to killing monsters and bosses and everything else that gives experience. Add a touch of character customization via skills and equipment type and at its basics, you have an award winning game that will sell well.

Diablo 3 sees a continued tradition in terms of game play, following its older brothers in the basic sense. Choose from one of 5 different classes with its own back story and character, slay monsters and bosses to gain experience to level up, unlock new skills with each level and gain the ability to use even more powerful gear.

Add the fact that the game engine scales rather well and efficiently with different systems and it is not hard to see why millions of people log into Battle.net (Blizzard’s online gaming platform) each day to take a chance on removing the Lord of Terror again for the third time.

So for those with not so high end machines, do not worry as you will still get decent frame rates as even on my lowly AMD HD5470 powered Laptop with only 4GB of ram running Windows 7, frame rates are still decent enough.

Of course it also means the graphic quality will not be as stunning as playing on a ivy bridge i7 powered machine with 16GB of ram and the top graphic card from the AMD or nVidia, but honestly it doesn’t really matter as you will be too busy killing monsters and looting their treasure.

Sound wise, I must give a two thumbs up to the composer of the Diablo 3 soundtrack, Russell Brower for not only giving the game sounds a good update but yet keeping its original essence there. Just listen to the track called New Tristram. It gives a very nostalgic feeling to the old Tristram tune found in the original but yet you can also hear those very subtle but important differences.

Yet this game is not without its negative points as at this point of writing (patch 1.0.2 has just been released), the servers in good old Battle.net World of Warcraft fashion has felt the High Heavens shake with the fallen star and the biggest boss of them all, Error 37 has taken the server farms hostage.

Yup, the original error which has plagued launch day, Error 37 (which has its own Facebook page even), is back again. To make matters worst, this is just after a very lengthy server downtime to update to patch 1.0.2 which is supposed to fix things. From account hacking to lost items and errors bigger than the Lord of Terror himself, it sure has been a frustrating two weeks for gamers.

So the big question now is, is Diablo 3 really worth the long wait and is the hype too big for the game? Well all I can say is that while there will be haters and leavers, I do not foresee a decline in player base and in fact see it getting bigger. There is just no denying the fact that the game’s addictive mechanics plus the addition of a new difficulty level to challenge will continue to keep gamers coming back for more.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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