Diablo 3 Cosplay Picks

Cosplay or Costume Play has definitely grown over the years in both awareness and influence with more people becoming aware of this hobby. While still dominated mainly by Asians due to the popularity of Japanese animation and comics characters, there is definitely a place for western cosplay and influences as well.

In this months issue, we decided to look towards the west to search for a few of the cosplays that have caught our eye. And what better theme to base our search on than the latest and maybe the greatest mouse clicking, item camping, gold selling game in the Diablo series, Diablo 3.

The Niece of Deckard Cain

Probably the character that left the biggest impression among the POPCulture Online team members, Leah is also the most pitiful among the lot. Fighting so hard to carry on the legacy she inherited only to be betrayed by the very one who she trusted. If there is one character that deserves more attention, it has to be Leah.

Photo Credits: Oliv Cosplay

Sadly Leah is not really cosplayed much and it took a while but we are happy to have found a cosplayer who took on the task to cosplay the niece of Deckard Cain.

Oliwia hails from Poland, loves Red Bull, playing console and PC games and has been a cosplayer since 2009. From that signature yellow hairband to that shot of her studying hard the Book of Cain, she definitely nailed the character perfectly.

Do drop by her Facebook Page and check out more of her cosplay.

The Traveler from Ivgorod

Offering both offensive, supporting and healing skills, the Monk character is most probably one of the more played character among the 5. The same can be said about cosplaying this character as searching online returns many pages of hits.

Photo Credits: Zerina Cosplay

But for us, there is this one cosplayer who stands out among the rest and she comes from Southern California. No stranger to the many Blizzcon costume contest over the years, Christina’s female monk cosplay would be what we want the female monk to look like in real life.

The monk is one who has gone through tough training since young and Christina definitely fits that attractively sporty look.

You can check out more of Christina’s cosplay over at her Facebook Page.

Oh and is that a Vanessa VanCleef cosplay we see there? NICE!

The Maiden of Lust

If there is one mini boss whom we all find the most irritating, it has to be Cydaea, the consort of Azmodan. Not only does she continue to taut you as you venture into the Arreat Crater, with the latest 1.0.3 patch, she also is rather irritating to deal with if you are not geared properly.

Rounding up this quick look at western Diablo 3 cosplayers is cosplayer Gundiriel from Belgium and her cosplay of Cydaea, the Maiden of Lust.

Photo Credits : deviantART

Not only is Cydaea a deamon from the depths of hell, she is also one big spider with a human looking top. If getting that look is already hard enough, doing up the spiders legs must have taken her an even longer time.

This is definitely one cosplay that we are sure to have a huge long wall of photogs at conventions or events. Not many cosplayers like to do the bad guys especially mini bosses from games and we are glad that the Maiden of Lust, Cydaea got some cosplay love here.

You can check out more of Gundiriel’s works over at her deviantArt.

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