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Deathloop puts you in the role of Colt, an assassin who is tasked to take out 8 targets partying away on an island called Blackreef. While this may sound like your typical assassin game setting, Deathloop is anything but typical thanks to the great minds over at Arkane Studios who also brought us the successful Dishonored series.

Not only does Colt have to deal with the 8 targets by learning their behaviors and patterns, he must also deal with an agent called Julianna whose mission is to take Colt out, and learn more about the mysterious time loop where death is not the end.

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The game starts off slow where mechanics are introduced to you at a progressive rate, which is a good thing. This is especially so considering the main mechanic which revolves around the time loop, can take a while to get used to. Other mechanics to take note of are special abilities that Colt can pick up and utilize to make killing his targets easier. In fact, with the more options opening up as I progressed through the game, I wondered how much of Dishonored or even Prey, influenced this.

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The beauty of the game is once you get the hang of everything, you can start experimenting with all the options on how to take out your target and achieve that perfect run without worrying too much about the failing. After all, not only do you have really learn about your targets, there is still Juliana who is really good at taking you out. The good news is that each time you fail, everything resets, and you can try again without any major penalty.

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For those who are really looking for a challenge after memorising the behavior and patterns of the AI, there is the multiplayer portion of the game where another human can join the game and take on the role of Julianna. Of course this is optional and you can lock this aspect of the game if you prefer not to have that sort of unknown while you perfect your run.

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Arkane Studios has done it again with their take on an assassin type game with their twist involving the time loop. Even though it looked overwhelming at first with so many game mechanics to learn which leads to even more ways of taking out the targets, somehow Arkane Studios managed to fit everything together that everything just makes sense. Add the fact that the gameplay was smooth, the graphics were stylishly 60s spy movie right with dialogs that add to the immersion, and you have a masterpiece that would fit into the game library like it belongs there from the start.

By Kenneth Wong

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