Cosplay To Take A New Spin At DBS Marina Regatta With Online Manga

DBS Marina Regatta Cosplay Cup Poster

For a third consecutive year, fans can look forward to a colourful and vibrant display of cosplay at the DBS Marina Regatta. The DBS Marina Regatta Cosplay Cup, organised by Neo Tokyo Project, will feature celebrity cosplayers such as Dat-Baka and Tessie as well as see more than 100 cosplayers showcase their craft.

Leading up to the DBS Marina Regatta, the bank has also commissioned local illustration team DatWorks to create a short manga – “Dragonboat of Miracles”. The sports-themed manga celebrates the teamwork, passion and zeal of athletes as they paddle towards a common goal. Pages of the manga will be released on, with the conclusion to be revealed at the regatta.

Cosplay fans are in for a treat as cosplay celebrities Dat-Baka and Tessie will be making their way down to the DBS Marina Regatta!

DBS Marina Regatta Dat-Baka as Kageyama from Haikyuu

Dat-Baka is an Australia-based Vietnamese cosplayer with a penchant for sizzling hot male characters. He was awarded a prize for his portrayal of Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara at SMASH! 2012 as part of Team Sexy Beast, and has amassed a sizable following in the four years since his debut. Dat-Baka is also a capable craftsman, having built a plethora of impressive costumes including iconic armor inspired by Sun Wukong from the Chinese classic “Journey to the West”, games such as “Final Fantasy”, and more.

DBS Marina Regatta Tessie as Grell from Kuroshitsuji

With more than a decade of cosplay experience under her belt, Tessie is no stranger to the cosplay scene in Singapore. She has participated in and judged competitions, conducted workshops and has sat on panels both locally and around the region. She was Singapore’s representative for, and placed third in, Anime Festival Asia’s Regional Cosplay Championships last year with her portrayal of Zafina from video game series “Tekken”, and lends her expertise as Director for Singapore’s Annual Cosplay Chess.

Tessie has seen the hobby evolve from a cozy gathering of like-minded peers into the phenomenon it is today. An educator in her day job, Tessie is also interested in how cosplay can be a positive influence for young people. She strives to be a driving force in Singapore’s evolving cosplay ecosystem, and passionately grooms the talent of tomorrow

Both Dat-Baka and Tessie will not only be guest judging the cosplay competition but also having a fan meet-and-greet session. They will also be playing the lead characters of the online manga “Dragonboat of Miracles” and will bring the manga to life as it concludes. Both the Cosplay Competition and the Conclusion to online manga “Dragonboat of Miracles” will take place on 6th June while the fan meet-and-greet session will be held on the 6th and 7th June.

DBS Marina Regatta Fightsaber

Singapore’s only Lucasfilm-recognised lightsaber choreography stunt troupe Fightsaber will be putting up epic performances. Established in 2010, Fightsaber aims to bring high action, kinesthetic performances and re-enactments of lightsaber duels from the Star Wars movies to the masses, and to promote greater appreciation for stage choreography as a dramatic and theatrical art form. Fightsaber will be performing on the 31st May as well as 6th & 7th June.

DBS Marina Regatta Pika Pika Meido Cafe

Pika Pika Meido Cafe is a pop-up cafe that aims to bring a slice of Japanese maid cafe culture to Singapore. They have collaborated with various pop-culture events and restaurants, bringing their unique brand of entertainment, song and dance performances to the public. These Kawaii medios will bringing dance routines and refreshing ice-cream at the Pika Pika Meido Café on 31st May, as well as 6th & 7th June.

Singapore’s biggest water sports festival, the DBS Marina Regatta 2015 will be held in conjunction with the 28th SEA Games, and will offer new experiences such as Paddle for Good, an urban beach with pop-up cafes as well as popular events such as the food festival and cosplay performances.

Cosplayers taking part in this year’s regatta can enjoy the comfort of a fully air-conditioned rest area, complimentary beverages and take part in a survey where they stand to win up to SGD 400 to help create their dream cosplay costume.

To register and for more information on the DBS Marina Regatta Cosplay Cup, please visit

Photos courtesy of Neo Tokyo Project

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