Daughtry: Break The Spell Reviewed

Break the Spell is the third album by Daughtry. According to frontman Chris, the album is “more upbeat and positive lyrically” and also stated that the album sounds “nothing like the previous two”. Chris wrote all the songs with band guitarists Josh Steely and Brian Craddock, bassist Josh Paul, and collaborated with Marti Frederiksen, Busbee and Brett James.

The album was produced by Howard Benson, who also produced their previous two albums. Prior to the albums release, for the month of November, the tracks “Renegade”, “Louder Than Ever” and “Outta My Head” are being used by ESPN during some of their programming broadcasts

The Verdict

Daughtry remains a reliable radio staple as the album doesn’t break the Daughtry mold. If you were a fan of the previous 2 albums then this one should suit you just fine. I find that he does come out a little more angsty in this album though with more hard rock coming through.

Let’s take a look at some of the standout tracks from the album.

Renegade (Chris Daughtry, Josh Paul).

This sets the tone for the album being the first track. It’s like getting in a car and going from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds. It’s written by Chris Daughtry and Josh Paul the bassist and it tells a story of not being afraid of the law, just being on the run and being a rebel with a shotgun. Quite the mood setter if you’re planning a face off with your boss while you’re on the way to work.

Crawling Back to You (Chris Daughtry, Marti Frederiksen).

We’ve come to be familiar with songs about relationships on the brink when it comes to the rock genre so it’s no surprise that Crawling Back to You is the second track on the album. it’s a song about begging for forgiveness and about realising that your lover is the one for you all along. Ok maybe begging for forgiveness in a manly way, being a rock song and all.

Break the Spell (Chris Daughtry, Busbee).

The title track ranks as one of my favorites of the album. It’s got a great build up from acoustics to electric guitars and I just love how Chris sends his voice into overdrive at the tail end of the song.

Spaceship (Chris Daughtry, Brian Craddock).

This one is an interesting song. The type you’d play while driving hence why I feel so strongly about Daughtry’s music being so radio friendly. In a way the lyrics of the song is much like that of a song of hope. He’s a lonely guy with wild, fanciful, romantic dreams and he’s wishin on a star that someday he’ll be on a spaceship leaving with that girl who’s on his mind.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Really Rock songs are just manly love songs and Daughtry is one tight rock band that never fails to deliver

Break The Spell is out in stores now

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