CROSS GENE Releases Shooting Star


Making their Japanese debut with their newest single Shooting Star is multinational boy band based in South Korea, CROSS GENE. Consisting of South Korean Sangmin, Yongseok, Shin and Seyoung, Chinese Casper and Japanese Takuya, the group under the Amuse Korea brand first performed the single during a promotional event in Japan for the Drama “Big”.

CROSS GENE also released the music video or PV as they call it for Shooting Star with looked anime inspired as it has the boys holding lighted up swords in an anime themed set. The boys than wield what looks to be katanas for a bit of slick choreographed group moves,

Overall you have to appreciate the effort put in for their first Japanese single considering only one member in the group is Japanese. While of course you get to hear Takuya singing more since the song is in his native language, you also gotta give point for the rest who at least do not sound out of place.

Of course its nowhere near a perfect song like how other Korean groups have managed to pick up the language but it is still a decent song that would make the playlist. Hopefully the group will continue to work hard at the language and I look forward to hearing more from them.

For one week only, the Asia Limited Edition of Shooting Star which contains both the Japanese and Korean version of the song is available on iTunes.

by Kenneth Wong
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