Cosplayers At EOY 2012

If there is one thing that immediately stands out the minute you reach the venue for this year’s EOY Cosplay Festival, its the sea of colours thanks to the many cosplayers who turned up.

EOY has always been known as a cosplay event and this year is no different with many cosplayers showcasing their hardwork to visitors to the event. From the mainstream ones like vocaloids and its spin offs to popular animes like One piece, it is not hard to meet a cosplayer for every few steps you take.

Even the western popular culture world is represented at this year’s EOY Cosplay Festival with what looks to be Jack Front from the recent Rise of the Guardians movie and a female counterpart making an appearance at the Marina Barrage. As many would agree, the standard of cosplay has been on the slow but steady rise over the years.

Do also check out our photo gallery of cosplayers that we spotted at the event.

Photo Credits: Ken Koh & Alex Tan

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