Cosplay at STGCC 2012

If there is one big reason to bring your camera to a popular culture related event these days here in Singapore, it is to capture the many colourful sights of the many cosplayers that turn up.

Cosplay has now moved on from being a niche hobby for a small group of people to one that is mainstream enough to be featured in the newspaper. Being a popular culture event (and a big one none the less), the Singapore Toy, Game & Comics Convention is no different with a sea of cosplayers attending this year.

Even though there was a change of venue compared to last year, it didn’t take the cosplayers long to get accustomed to the new place. By mid afternoon, you can see many of these cosplayers walking around to the delight of the event visitors and also at the empty area near the stage where they can be found posing for photos.

From popular Japanese anime and manga series like Naruto and Macross Frontier to the ever popular Vocaloid characters, time can really fly just trying to capture all of these cosplayers.

Lets not forget the western cosplayers as well as the likes of Captain America, Deadpool and X-Men’s Pixie can be found at this year’s STGCC as well.

POPCulture Online’s photographer, Ken Koh, takes to both the event hall and the area around to capture some of these interesting colours and costumes down for your viewing pleasure:

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