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I lost half my interview notes from the last time I actually had time to sit down with Yuegene Fay to ask her some questions, which was a bit of a pain, really. But the good thing about being friends with your interviewee is that I could always text/Skype her the questions again (this time with promises of bribes in the form of food.)

Interview Yuegene Fay Cosplay Toshiya 2

Question: We all know you started the hobby cosplaying characters from visual kei bands such as Toshiya from Dir En Grey. What made you switch over to doing anime/manga/game cosplays?

I like to play and listen to music. So naturally, I am also very interested in any anime or manga series about music. My first anime/manga cosplay was Nana Osaki from the manga NANA.

(Much to my disappointment, my readers, no photos exist of this cosplay because it was back in the days of non-digital cameras and our dear friend did not bring a camera, film or otherwise, to that particular event.)

Interview Yuegene Fay Cosplay Shinichi

Question: Anything special on your cosplay wish list at the moment?

Lucifer from Angel Sanctuary / Ashura from RG Veda

(I don’t know about you, my dear readers. But if you know these characters, you will know exactly why I’m vibrating in my seat in excitement and controlling my urge to throw myself at her because YES, YES, PLEASE DO IT!!!)

Interview Yuegene Fay Cosplay Len

Question: Have anybody recognized you outside of cosplay before?

It used to be harder for that to happen. I don’t usually dressed up when I’m outside of cosplay. In fact, my lecturer at the university was so irritated with me once that he offered to buy me a comb so that I will at least comb my hair before coming to school! Now that I do comb my hair, yeah, I get more people recognizing me along the street.

Interview Yuegene Fay Cosplay Gakupo

Question: What are some of your best experiences at conventions before?

I was at an event in China. Towards the end of the event, my friend dragged me up on stage to dance Gangnam Style. I had no idea what that dance was but I went up and winged it anyway.

(For those of you who are interested, I think there’s video evidence of that online. Google it.)

Interview Yuegene Fay Cosplay Duncan

Question: What are some of the meanest things people have said about you and/or your cosplays before?

That I’ve been through plastic surgery before? (laughs) This (she indicates to her jaw) is all natural! But even friends who knew me from before won’t believe me! I was very fat as a teenager.

(Here, she showed me a photo of her as a teenager. If that’s her idea of fat, I’m a walking hippopotamus. And no, I’m not allowed to publish it. Not if I don’t want to get skinned.)

Interview Yuegene Fay Cosplay Mikasa

Question: You have been invited to Singapore many times and have quite a fan base here. What do you have to say to your fans here in Singapore?

I will like to thank my fans in Singapore for all their support. A lot of times, when I am feeling down and posted photos on my Instagram, I get a lot of messages from my Singaporean fans asking me how I am, if I am okay. It makes me very happy to know that they are concerned about me, that I am not alone.

Interview Yuegene Fay Cosplay Toshiya
Question: Ok, here’s the million-dollar question. You have worked with many cosplayers all over the world. Of these cosplayers, who will you kiss, kill or marry?

*with ABSOLUTELY NO hesitation* Kill Kaname.

(And she dissolved into giggles and I can’t get any answers from her any further.)

Yuegene Fay Cosfest Merchandise

Yuegene Fay will be in Singapore this weekend at Downtown East for Cosfest. We hear she will also be selling some of her merchandise (Post cards, Posters and even Tee Shirts) at the event so for fans of Yuegene Fay, do remember to look out for it.

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