From Cosplay to Music with LeChat

No stranger to the cosplay scene having cosplayed at various events, LeChat is also quite the singer having collaborated with Hachioji P and Powerless (Muryoku P) to debut as a singer in a compilation CD. In town recently for the C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2017 (C3AFASG17), we talk to LeChat about how she got started with cosplay and her experience performing overseas as a vocalist.


Every cosplayer has a beginning, how did yours start?

I have always had interest in fashion, and I also loved Manga and video games – the characters’ costumes were so cute and so I thought, “I’d love to actually wear them”. This was my first objective to become a cosplayer, since what these characters were wearing can’t be worn in everyday life and they weren’t sold, so I came to the decision of making them myself.

How has cosplaying changed your life?

Reputation is something that comes afterwards so I don’t really place a lot of attention to that. I’m sure other cosplayers are doing it because they like it, so I don’t think they too, pay a lot of attention to that. With cosplaying I’ve received many opportunities to participate in many events, and it’s not everyday you get to mean someone with the same interests or occupation as you, so I think for me it’s getting to meet a lot of new friends in this field.

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Out of all your cosplays, which would be your favourite and why?

One of my absolute favourite cosplay is Yuna from FINAL FANTASY X. I have many favourites, but I think it’s her strong and cool character that really draws me to her.

How was it like to be active, even performing overseas, as the live vocalist for noise band Hatsune Kaidan?

We did live events in Switzerland, England, Germany and Hong Kong. I was extremely happy to tour around the world with my seniors from the former band “非常階段” Hijou Kaidan. I was also happy to be able to visit some of the beautiful architecture in each country.

The fans who came to watch us liked different anime and cosplay, and many of them liked rock music, so it was very refreshing and a learning experience for us every time. But we also do cosplay on stage, so I hope we’re able to further expand Japan’s pop culture.

You’re signed on with Avex so what’s next for you and your fans?

I’ve never done Anisong before and so for my song to actually be chosen is a really happy thing for me. Also, to actually meet my fans overseas and not just be connected via social media, to perform and convey my songs to them directly makes me happy. I would love to ask them what are their favourite manga, game or anime when I get the chance.

Thank you for you time and we look forward to your debut songs!

by Kenneth Wong

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