Cosplay At Cosfest XI

Probably the biggest cosplay event of the year, this year’s Cosfest XI : Go For It was held over the first weekend of July at a familiar place, Downtown East.

Earmarked by cosplayers as one of the must attend cosplay events for the year, this year’s Cosfest XI sees a huge turn out of cosplayers, photographers and curious visitors.

Upon arriving at the venue, visitors are treated to a sea of colours as the cosplayers can be seen either alone or in a group all over the place. As long as there is a space to pose, you can find a cosplayer there.

As per every cosplay event, it is common to see cosplays from popular mainstream series such as Naruto, One Piece, Gundam and Fairy Tail.

Not forgetting also the every popular Vocaloid in its default outfit and others variants such as fan art, originals and those special outfits created based on the music video for the popular songs.

It was also a nice surprise to see one of the KiraCandy girls, Emiko, cosplaying as Loveward Nurse Hatsune Miku. KiraCandy is small fans for fans based community group that is all about the Japanese Popular Culture and its definitely nice to see their members present at the event as well.

As a treat to both visitors and maybe even more for the local cosplayers are special guests all the way from the land of the rising sun. Cosplaying from the popular Tiger & Bunny series, Japanese cosplayer Tatsumi Inui was one of the reasons you could find the ever present “wall of photogs” at this year’s Cosfest.

Overall its very heartwarming to see that the standard of cosplay has definitely improved. From the details on the costumes to the poses that the cosplayers have, it is not hard to tell that lots of time and effort has been put into each one.

A big thumbs up to the cosplayers at this year’s Cosfest XI and I definitely am looking forward to the next event!

By Kenneth Wong
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