Cosplay @ Anime Festival Asia 2011

Mention AFA (Anime Festival Asia) to any cosplayer and most would tell you excitedly about their preparations for their costume and even how they can’t wait to showcase their latest masterpiece at the event. After all, with AFA being the biggest and most anticipated anime event in this side of Asia, it is no wonder that local cosplayers are all saving their best for it.

And here at POPCulture Online, we sent out our roaming photographer to try and capture some of the colorful sights of the many cosplayers present at the event. Kenneth Wong files a report.

It was really all that colour which made everything so attractive. You take one look at their costumes and you’d really take your hat off to them not just for the amount of effort they put into making their costumes but the amount of passion they put into portraying or acting out the character.

Mind you they don’t exactly have real life actors to base their portrayals of the character on, it’s anime, drawings. And while anime has become so life-like, it is still limited in terms of expressing emotions, hence the need for a good voice actor. Take this whole package in a season of any particular anime and the cosplayer has to act all that out together with an impressive self made replica suit and good make up.

From armored warriors to futurist robots with weapons, the whole of level 3 and 4 of the Suntec Convention Centre was transformed into a colorful sight of anime, manga and game characters coming alive. And to the delight of the public, many got their chance to take photos of and with their favorite characters.

Do check out our gallery as we capture some of the many cosplayers present at the event.

Photos by Ken Koh – Photographer, POPCulture Online
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