Cosfest X.2

The biggest Cosplay event held in Singapore to date, Cosfest marked its 10th year last year with the Cosfest X.1 event at Downtown East in June. Usually held in the mid of the year, the announcement for a part 2 of last year’s Cosfest called Cosfest X.2 did caught many by surprise.

Curious as to what the special continuation of the event might have in store for visitors, Kenneth Wong makes the trip east to visit this event that is renown among the local cosplay community, and in particular, cover the stage events.

Cure Fashion Show Auditions

The first major stage event held at Cosfest X.2 was the auditons for the upcoming Cure Fashion Show that will be held at the next Cosfest to be held in July. Cure is a household name for cosplayers around the world and to be part of its fashion show is definitely something to aim for.

It is no surprise that there were so many cosplayers taking part in the auditons that it had to be broken down into two parts. From the many vocaliod characters to even Shu and Inori from the current Guilty Crown series, visitors to the event were in for a visual treat as the cosplayers took to the stage.

A video of the whole show was recorded and will be sent to the people at Cure for the selection purpose. All the best to all the cosplayers who took part and I am sure it will be exciting to see who makes it to the Cure Fashion Show in July.

Anime Song Performances

Visitors to the stage area were also treated to many performances by local singers of popular songs from animes both past and present. From the retro Mazinger Z theme song to the latest supercell singles from the Guilty Crown Anime and not forgetting Digimon as well, you could see some in the crowd singing along.

A special mention also to the guy who took on T.M.Revolution’s Heart of Sword and the girls who did Kalafina’s singles. These are no means easy songs and it is even harder as the artiste are very good at their trade.

Although I do have to say that the sound guy didn’t do them justice as it seems the gain was pushed too high.

World Cosplay Summit 2012 Singapore

One of the stage events that I always looked forward to each year is the World Cosplay Summit Singapore where the Singapore team would be selected to complete in the finals in Nagoya, Japan. Usually held at the main Cosfest event, it was interesting that this time it was held earlier.

Of course having it earlier does have it’s benefits as this gives the selected team more time to prepare and polish their performance for the finals later on in the year as compared to having it in June.

As with every year, the standard keeps getting higher and I must say all 4 teams this year definitely put in a lot of effort just by looking at their props. Unfortunately I heard that there was to be a 5th team but they couldn’t get ready in time. A pity as I heard it was a gundam team and I do hope to see the team in action soon.

Congratulations as well to both Raistlin and Aya for being selected to represent Singapore at this year’s WCS.

Special Appearance by Korean Cosplayers

Last year’s Cosfest X.1 saw the appearance of a very good Korean cosplay team that definitely left a very lasting memory among all who went with their excellent performance and costumes. As a special guest for Cosfest X.2, the team is back again and wowed audiences with their stage performances.

As a treat for cosplay fans, one of Korean’s top cosplayers was specially flown in as well to grace the event. She is none other than the talented Eki Holic, who together with Kong Kyung Ming, had a special autograph session on each of the days respectively.

More Than Just A Cosplay Event

Another reason that I always look forward to Cosfest is because of the people I have met over the years in the cosplay circle. I have made many friends, both fellow photographers and cosplayers in this circle and this event is one way for everyone to catch up with each other. Even though we do still keep in touch via social media, there is nothing like meeting up in person.

It has been a good 2 days meeting up with everyone and I do look forward to the next Cosfest that will be held in July.

Do also check out the gallery from the various stage events held during Cosfest X.2 over the weekends:

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