COS X @ The Games Expo 2011

Organised by Movie Mania in conjunction with this year’s The Games Expo is the Cos X cosplay competition where up to $1000 in prizes are up for grabs. Add in a special bonus points for cosplayers who cosplay characters from game series since TGX is all about games and you have a very interesting mix of contestants for the competition.

The Judging for the competition follows a two round format where the 3 judges from Movie Mania, Rapture and Vizpo will select the top 5 followed by a vote by the public to decide the top 3 winners. And looking at the amount of contestants, it was definitely not an easy task.

And with the special bonus points for game characters, it was not surprising to see many contestants cosplaying the likes of the Hunter from the Left 4 Dead game series, the warlock from the World of Warcraft series (although I think someone should remind him that he is no longer top of the DPS table with the latest Cataclysm expansion) and even characters from the popular Japanese dōjin game series, The Touhou Project.

While in a way it is no surprise that the top 5 contestants would be cosplaying characters from game series with thanks to the bonus marks, the quality of the cosplay does justify as well. From the hunter’s movement to the assassin’s hidden dagger mechanism plus the warlocks theatrics involving extras and my personal favorite, the metal music loving Mordekaiser from the game League of Legends, you could see effort behind each cosplay.

Of course as with every competition there can only be one and it went to the warlock who promised not to steal anyone’s soul if they voted for him. I must say that I was quite impressed with the idea of getting extras with the icon associated with the spells like doom and panic which really adds a pinch of game experience.

Overall even though it was a small event in terms of the physcial size, it did feel much bigger as compared to some other competitions. Not only were there quite a number of competitors but you can really see the effort put into their costumes like the League of Legends and Digimon character cosplays. And of course not forgetting Movie Mania who definitely looked experienced in what they were doing plus the generous prizes.

Oh and before I forget, good effort by the lovely host who tried her best to get things going and even interacting with the cosplayers when it was their turn. A really nice touch if you ask me that sometimes other host forget.

By Kenneth Wong
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