In Conversation with Tom Taylor

This STGCC 2016, Elliott Danker being the massive comic book fan, had the chance to speak to award-winning and #1 New York Times bestselling comic book author, playwright and screenwriter, Tom Taylor.

He is well known for his work on the DC Comics series Injustice: Gods Among Us and Earth-Two, Marvel’s Superior Iron Man and his many Star Wars works. He is the co-creator, head writer and Executive Producer of the CG animated series The Deep based on his graphic novel series of the same name.

Since Injustice was such a popular game and with the sequel coming up, we hear from the man on what got him started and how he wants to collect as many action figures as possible.

STGCC 2016 Tom Taylor Interview Elliott Danker Booth

How did you get started on comics?

Tom Taylor: Generally whenever I sit down I’ve got something to get out. That’s not why I became a writer though, I was a professional juggler for many years. I just did that because it was cool and I wanted to and I didn’t know how to juggle, I just thought it was awesome so I just stood in a park and did it over and over until I could juggle fire with my wife without killing her….hahaha!!

It’s kinda the same with comics! One day it was “Man, I really wanna do that!” So I put as much of myself into those stories and used my comics as a bit of a vehicle to vent about real life stuff. Like you see the real life politics in Injustice.

So far, which has been your favourite to work with (injustice, superior iron man, star wars and now wolverine) and why?

Tom Taylor: It’s very hard to find a favourite. I mean I’m a huge Superman fan, he is my favourite hero and always has been since I was a kid although I tend to be given jobs where I have to torture him, make him horrible and make him kill people like Injustice. I’d like to write nice guy Superman but it never happens…haha!

I love writing Harley Quinn like Injustice, she’s fantastic! As soon as I got the chance to write her I didn’t know how much I’d love writing her until I started, very glad I’ll have the chance again in Injustice 2.

Laura and Gabby in the new Wolverine has been fantastic as well.

At the end of the day I’m a massive fan boy so whenever I get handed a new toy to play with I’m like “YAY!” I’m so glad I get to get up and write this stuff!

STGCC 2016 Tom Taylor Interview

Is there a difference in terms of process between working on a comic and a TV series like The Deep?

Tom Taylor: Yeah there is. I guess there’s a lot more layers when you’re doing TV. You’ve got producers and co-production partners all around the world, there’s a lot more to and fro and talking to people to get things sorted.

When I’m writing a comic it’s just me sitting there, maybe putting on pants, maybe not…haha! After that it’s just me and the editor and maybe the artist is involved so you see it’s a little less complicated.

TV has a budget, comics don’t

Personal preference?

Tom Taylor: Comics.

Comics are my absolute greatest love! It’s the best story telling medium in the world, they make me happy!

What can we expect from the upcoming Injustice comic?

Tom Taylor: It starts straight after the first Injustice game and it will fill in the time between the first game and the second one.

I can’t sell you too many things yet but I can tell you that Supergirl is going to land on Earth during that time. And of course there’s Batman essentially trying to rebuild the world that Superman and his group destroyed and other forces trying to tear it down.

STGCC 2016 Tom Taylor Interview

I think it’s quite unique that as a comic book writer, you also do theatre. Tell us more about your experience with stage work?

Tom Taylor: There aren’t a lot of people who’ve done it haha! I guess it’s just telling a different story. One story happens on stage and the other in comics. One happens in a galaxy far far away and the other a long time ago.

Honestly it’s all just story telling and that’s what I love doing at the end of the day no matter where I’m telling the story from.

STGCC 2016 Tom Taylor Interview Stage Panel

Is there a bucket list of comic book characters you want to write?

Tom Taylor: Just like all of them! Hahaha!

I really can’t choose one….like when I did year 3 of Injustice, that was all magic. I had so many characters to work with and I was so happy you know and it’s like that everytime. I wanna write them all.

What I do is I buy myself an action figure after every character that I write. So it’s like “What new action figure do I want?” and then that leads to me writing the next character. It’s like Pokemon, you gotta catch em all!! Hahaha!

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