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Alex Solis is an artist currently residing in Chicago, IL, working at Threadless, married to an awesome wife Cathy, has two kids: Alexis and Levi, and a huge pit-bull named Chato. Whenever he’s not working on his illustration work and spending time with the family, he still finds time to participate in shows and competitions around the world as a b-boy.

Elliott Danker decided to give him a bit of a hard time with some tough questions… the name of fun of course.

STGCC 2014 Media Preview Alex Solis

POPCulture Online: What do you think are some of the significant events in the world that has affected popular culture?

Alex Solis: I think pretty much everything that has come out of the Marvel movies has pretty much touched everyone and many significant everyday events. Even in Guardians of the Galaxy there is stuff that’s going on, stuff that you don’t really think about but exists in day to day lives.

Honestly though I think these movies while they touch on everyday problems in the world, it’s something for people to focus on and not think about the bad stuff. Like myself when I’m creating art, I feel like I’m giving people something else to take their minds off things. I don’t wanna get to serious about these worldly events but rather to show how our art helps society get along.

STGCC 2014 Interview Alex Solis

POPCulture Online: Is that how is it with you and your art? Does it take you to another world when you are involved with it?

Alex Solis: Of course! Even the series that I’m doing, the chunkies was something I started to make my daughter laugh. It’s like she would say, why are the Ninja Turtles eating pizza and they don’t get fat. So I said heck I’ll draw them fat for you and she thinks it’s hilarious and look what that’s inspired.

If I say just one kid laughing, it will make me want to keep doing my art.

POPCulture Online: What was the significant event in your life that made you want to get into popular culture and into drawing?

Alex Solis: Honestly at the start I just wanted to be original. I didn’t want to take other characters. But of course along the way what really hit me was how my work started to connect with people, how they would laugh at it and that just drew me in even more so those laughs that I always see is really want got me to want to dive in even more.

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