ComiFest 2014

ComiFest 2014

Comifest really is the brain child of the Singapore Comic Society whose president, Wee Tian Beng, is best known for his internationally acclaimed work, celestial zone. This year, Comifest enters her fifth year of celebrating original comic works in Singapore with the event at 3rd floor of Suntec Convention Center. Tessie, Alex, Kenneth and POPCulture Online’s latest recruit Felix heads down to cover the event as Comifest’s official media partner.

 ComiFest 2014

Comic lovers in Singapore certainly have to express their gratitude to Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre for the overwhelming support that they have shown this event. Despite not having the scale of other giants such as the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) or the upcoming International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) 2014 , Comifest was given the luxury of being featured on the huge billboard that spans 3 levels of the convention center.

ComiFest 2014 Daiyaku Aitori

One local artist group that caught everybody’s attention will be Daiyaku with the invasion of their adorable blue bird plushies Aitori (also fondly known as Lanjiao).  Even our editor cannot resist and bought one. Though shrink-wrapped as it was, our dear co-founder was told that it needed to be massaged and stroked lovingly so that it will grow. (It now sits happily at his office desk which also gets the occasional head turns).

ComiFest 2014 Cosplayer Onnies

Fans should also be happy with the appearance of Onnies, cosplayer from Thailand.  This year, at Comifest’s Thrones High Cafe, fans will get to dine with Onnies with every purchase of the Onnies set, which also includes her photo print. Just look at all the happy faces of her fans, sitting at the same table and breathing the same air as their idol.

This writer will love to write more for day 1, but it is pretty challenging to do so when 3 hours after PCO’s arrival at the event, despite being their only official media partner, we have not received our media passes. Life will be a lot easier with a media pass, which may improve our chances of not getting blocked by rogue photographers when trying to cover stage events and booths.

Thankfully upon reaching the event venue on day 2, the media passes were ready and the team sets off to make up for lost time. The crowd seems to be better as well with level 3 of the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre packing in more bodies compared to the previous day. Stage activities also saw an improvement with more support with members of the audience joining in with impromptu dance moves and cheers for the performers on stage.

ComiFest 2014 Cosplayer Clive

Day 2 also saw local cosplayer Clive gracing the event with his finely detailed Trinity Blood costume. Sharing his experience from the early days where wigs were made from finely shredded ribbons to how his cosplay journey has been, you can’t help but respect this seasoned cosplayer for his years of experience. Only disappointment though was that he didn’t come down in a mecha cosplay (mostly just Kenneth being the one disappointed) but hey, even cosplayers need some varity in their life.

ComiFest 2014

One advantage about having cosplay related events at Suntec is the large corners of space on level 3 where it was evident with the setting up of mobile studios of softboxes and lightstands. This did make the photography studio booth look a little undergeared at certain points of time. Even those armed with reflectors had stands and holders setup to ensure that the cosplayers get the best lighting available. Cosplay photography has developed into as they say “serious business” over the years and Comifest 2014 is no different.

ComiFest 2014 Cosplayer

It was nice to see Comifest returning back to Suntec as a standalone event and even though there were hiccups on day one with the media passes and the occasional rogue photographers. Overall it was still a decent event experience with no glaring reasons not to attend ComiFest next year.

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