Colbie Caillat: All of You Reviewed

Colbie Caillat is somewhat of a sunny, light, feel good sort of personality. Many have commented that she looks like Jennifer Aniston and her personality is much like Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Well since “Bubbly” and “Fallin’ For You”, Colbie Caillat has released 2 albums and has even won a Grammy for her duet with Jason Mraz called “L ucky”.

Her 3rd album “All of You” maintains her same pleasing persona. It touches a lot on her feelings on relationships with a hint of the love inspirations she has from her relationship with bandmate Justin Young.

According to, Caillat acknowledges that her relationship with Young inspired many of the 12 songs on “All Of You” (some of which he co-wrote), and she points out that they’re not all moon-eyed and happy.

“When I was writing I wasn’t going through heartache,” she notes. “I was going through being in love, but there were times where we were having little rough areas in the relationship and trying to figure them out and not give up — which is what I used to do in relationships. So I think maybe just the older I’ve become, and writing with amazing writers, I’ve learned about how to write from a different perspective.”

I think she’s translated those emotions well through her songs making this album worth getting. It’s the kind of music that will always have a place on radio and appeal to the majority of pop music lovers. Notable tracks like the first single, “I Do”, current single, “Brighter than the SUn” and “Dream Life” are some of the more stand out tracks in this album that features writer and producer talents of Ryan Tedder, Kara DioGuardi and Jason Reeves.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

While Caillat sends no major shock waves in terms of music style to her fans in this album, she does shakes things up a little with “Favorite Song,” co-written and performed with Common and Ryan Tedder. Apart from that the album “All of You” is indulgent on the late 20 something year old going on a journey through life with moments of shaky confidence….the album sucks you in and you can’t really help it.

By Connor J. Bale

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