A chat with Team Evil Geniuses’ Momochi and ChocoBlanka

For the 2nd year in a row, Battle Medley Singapore has played host to 2 of Fighting Game’s most prolific players Yusuke Momochi and Yuko “ChocoBlanka” Kusachi. We were lucky enough to sit down with both players for an interview.

POPCulture Online: Having attended your very 1st Evo championship this year and achieving 2nd place in the recent GodsGarden 4 tournament; you have now attended major tournaments on both sides of the globe. Many have commented that players from Asia are head and shoulders above players from the West, what is your take on this ?

Momochi: In Singapore, there are top players like Gackt, Leslie and Xian who are capable of going toe to toe with Japan’s finest. While in the West, players like my fellow team mates Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz who are also able to hold their own in Japan.

ChocoBlanka: In Japan, we have a larger population of players because of our Arcade culture and a stronger following of fighting games in general. With a larger player base, it’s unavoidable that there would be a lot more players of a higher tier.

POPCulture Online: Congratulations on being recently being signed to Team Evil Genius, How has being a sponsored player changed the way you view and play the game ?

Momochi: Because it’s quite a recent event, not much has changed. I still practice hard and play as per usual.

ChocoBlanka: Yep, same here. I still practice and play as per usual

POPCulture Online: When fellow Street Fighter Players Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez and Mike Ross came to Singapore recently, they commented that the Arcade Culture in American is very different from Singapore. What do you think of Singapore’s Fighting Games and Arcade culture? Is it similar to Japan ?

Momochi: The arcade culture here is very similar to Japan, as there are places for player to gather and play.

ChocoBlanka: There is also a significant number of players in Japan who would also play Online via Xbox Live and Playstation Network

POPCulture Online: How do you think the 2012 patch would affect the tier list, such as the complain of Yun and Fei Long being imbalanced and how do you think it would shake things up with regards to character usage?

Momochi: Fei Long won’t be changed much in the new patch so I believe that Fei Long would still remain as a very strong character. For Yun and Yang, I believe that they are too strong in this version but they would be nerfed significantly to a point that even characters with bad matchups such as Dhalsim and Hakan would be able to handle them. I foresee a rise in usage of lower tiered characters.

POPCulture Online: Do you have any tips for fellow Street Fighter Players ?

Momochi: Practice, Practice and Practice but while you are practicing you must think about how the game is being played such as mind games and combos. Enter Tournaments to gain experience and get better.

By Chen KangYi

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