A Chat with Gegard Mousasi

Ahead of the highly anticipated UFC FIGHT NIGHT® SINGAPORE: HOLM vs. CORREIA on June 17 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, star veteran and world No. 4 ranked middleweight Gegard Mousasi (42-6-2) was in Singapore this week. Our own martial arts enthusiast Elliott Danker had a chat with him about the Olympics, diet and finance management.

Elliott: You started martial arts when you were about 7 or 8 years old, what got you started and why did you choose judo?

Gegard Mousasi: My dad brought me to judo. I liked it because I was good at it. It was a kids sport to me because I wasn’t really competitive. Later on I picked up boxing but that’s when I really wanted to achieve something.

I think the influence that parents have is really big.

Elliott: Your brother manages your finances. Is it easier or can it get difficult when a family member is involved in your management?

Gegard Mousasi: He helps me with my house, bills and such. It’s very easy, I haven’t checked my bank account for years, I don’t even know what I have in there because my brother handles it. I find it easy because I don’t pay bills and I don’t have stress and all I have to do is train.

I have a good life, I’m too comfortable.

Elliott: Back in 2011 you almost took part in the 2012 Olympics but due to circumstances you didn’t. Would you consider doing it in 2020?

Gegard Mousasi: I think it would have been difficult. I felt good about my chances back then, if you don’t pursue it you’re never gonna achieve it.

At this moment no, I’m older and boxing isn’t in my agenda anymore.

Elliott: What’s your preferred style of fighting?

Gegard Mousasi: I like to fight standing up. I think my striking at this moment is the best in the middleweight and if it’s pure stand up I will beat anybody in the middleweight.

I feel like I have a lot of power in my striking but people don’t give me credit for it. Anyway….they will find out!

Elliott: What’s your daily regime like when it comes to training for a fight?

Gegard Mousasi: I wake up, eat crap food….I mean oatmeal and stuff, it’s not tasty, take my vitamins and then go do my strength and conditioning.

After that it’s supplements, take a rest, eat again and then go back and do my MMA training. Back home to eat, sleep and repeat the same thing the next day. There’s nothing fun about it, it’s boring.

I won’t miss fighting if I retire…hahaha!!

Elliott: I’m a martial artist practitioner, I don’t compete. How can I get from where I am to where you are, a competitor, a fighter?

Gegard Mousasi: I think the will, discipline, luck, good surrounding, good people around you, good trainers, dedication and also you cannot give up. You have to be consistent, you have to hang on. It’s difficult sometimes but you have hang on.

Talent too! It’s a waste of time if you keep training but you don’t have talent.

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