Chasing The Saturdays

With one hit single after another on the UK charts, four albums, three sell-out tours and a fashion line under their belts, what else could English girl group The Saturdays try for next? Invade the United States, of course. Chasing The Saturdays follows the pop phenomenon from the minute they touch down in America, and throughout their journey to strike it big with their first American album release.

Forget about betrayals and cat claws – The Saturdays need none of that to keep you entertained. Prepare to be won over by the beautiful quintet’s magnetic appeal as they navigate the foreign waters of the US entertainment industry, while trying to keep their personal lives afloat.

Thanks to our friends at E! Entertainment, we managed to chat with The Saturdays when they were in town to promote their new reality series.

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POPCulture Online: Tell us more about “Chasing The Saturdays”?

Molly: We love spending time with our families we all love food. We love going out to dinner. I love breakfast. My favourite thing to do is to wake up and have breakfast -to have a croissant and all that. We love dogs. We love to take our dogs on walks. And if it’s good weather over here, we like to engage ourselves in outdoor activities and do some sports such as tennis.

POPCulture Online: What made you guys decide to take on this project?

Michelle: We were going to go to America anyway, so we thought it would be fun to have cameras following us around. Just for the fun of it, and also to have something to look back on in the future (laughs).

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POPCulture Online: Besides this new TV show, what else has the band been up to?

Michelle: We’re actually releasing our single this week so we’re kind of busy with that. And we have not stopped working since then, so we’re sort of melting away – in a good way though!

POPCulture Online: What was the biggest challenge about trying to make it in America?

Molly: The biggest challenge, I guess, was being away from home and being away from our loved ones and our family. That’s never easy but umm… Yeah that’s probably it. We really miss our family and loved ones back home.

POPCulture Online: You girls are always so stylish on stage, tell us about your fashion styles?

Molly: We love to dress as a band and look like a band. We always have sort of, a look for each performance that we do. We like to be colourful and to wear stuff which reflects on our own personalities.

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Interview and images courtesy of E! Entertainment

‘Chasing the Saturdays’ premieres 7th April, 10pm only on E! Entertainment

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