Celebs Who Do Good

It's not been an easy time for Japan, a Tsunami after a major quake and now the threat of Nuclear Disaster. Yet the country shows it's class in it's calm way of dealing with the crisis, people around the world can only watch and pray for them.

But those of the human race who are larger than life stood up and offered a helping hand from miles and miles away. I'm talking about celebrity good deeds that have helped Japan.

Demi Lovato

Perhaps the youngest of the lot. She donated $1 million dollars to help Japan, which is a great example coming from someone her age.

Lady Gaga

She on the other hand was quick to create a unique bracelet to help the survivors. She has so far managed to raise $250,000 by selling these bracelets. I suppose wearing the bracelet is also a symbol of charity.

Katy Perry

While she was busy on tour in the UK, she used Twiter to send out a message to her fans to help Japan by texting REDCROSS to 90999. She said that if everone did that, 60 milion dollars could be raise for Japan Relief.

Linkin Park

The band has a charity called Music for Relief and what this organisation did was to well t-shirts to raise funds for relief in Japan. The tees were actually designed by Mike Shinoda.

Not forgeting everyone who has done their part by donating and praying. Most of all we wish the people of Japan well and may they rise above this and become a stronger nation.

Danker out!

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