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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. The above quote is by Helen Keller on teamwork, an American author, political activist, and lecturer who was also the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. [Source: Wikipedia] If there is something I am always thankful for, it is the teamwork that the POPCulture Online …

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Fox On The Run

What a month it’s going to be! Marvel is hitting us with the first of 3 movies they are releasing in 2017 with The Guardians of the Galaxy! I didn’t expect to enjoy the first movie and now I can’t wait for the second. But that’s not all that we should look forward to. May will bring us closer to …

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That Justice League trailer

The internet broke a few days ago as everyone started talking about that new Justice League trailer. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening and we did get a taste of the movie last year when footage was released during Comic Con. I’m still convinced that Ben Affleck is absolutely right for the role or perhaps this version of the …

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It’s That Time Of The Year

POPCulture Online December Editor Note Christmas Time

It’s that time of the year again where we start to plan our leave, take stock of the year gone by and start the pilgrimage trip down to Orchard Road to check out the Christmas decorations by the various shopping malls, listen to the Christmas carols and taking photos with Christmas Ornaments. It is also the time of gifts as …

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I Finally Bought Something This STGCC 2016

STGCC 2016 POPCulture Online Editor Note Kenneth Wong Tokidoki x STGCC Lanyard

This year’s Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) marks the 6th STGCC that POPCulture Online has covered in the capacity as media. From a simple coverage plan with a small team to one that has grown to eight members this year, our coverage plan has also grown in complexity. This also means that from a simple writer/photographer role, I …

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Great time to be a comic book fan

It really is a good time to be a comic book fan and if you’re not, I can’t think of easier circumstances to start. After all comic books can be complicated but with movies being released on comic book characters ever few months, it’s so easy to figure out their back stories in 2 hours. Themed parties and restaurants are …

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Farewell Funan

Game On With Challenger Xbox Xperience Zone Sony Playstation

As a young boy growing up fascinated with the world of computers, Funan DigitalLife Mall (or just Funan as everyone calls the place for short) was like an IT heaven to me. The many stores selling different brands of computers and laptops, the stores specializing in games and even the giant IT super store at the top level, I could …

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Team PCO decides…who will win

What an epic battle we have to look forward to this March with Batman battling Superman. As much as we want to know how this battle started, I’m sure you have your guesses on who you think would win. Well here at POPCulture Online, we decided to answer that question. It’s our opinion anyway. Kenneth Wong – Co-Founder Superman just …

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5 Years On

Elliott Danker Kenneth Wong POPCulture Online

When Kenneth and I started POPCulture Online we had no idea how long we’d sustain it or how much reach we would end up having. It’s been an amazing journey I must say with the opportunity to have been official media for major pop culture events in Singapore like the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention as well as Gamestart …

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This is Home

This Is Home Singapore Flag SG50

From a little fishing village to a metropolis with modern infrastructure and services, Singapore has come a long way some 50th years ago when the then Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew declared the country’s independence. Yet as someone who grew up in the developing years of Singapore, I never experienced the troubled times of the MacDonald House bombing in …

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84 Medals

What an exciting SEA Games it was with Team Singapore winning 84 gold medals and coming in 2nd place in the medal tally was pretty awesome! There were a few of us at the Sports Hub covering the event and doing our best to show you a different side to the games. For me personally it has been a journey …

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When I see You Again…

It is never easy to lose someone. A family member, someone we look up to and our best friend. Emotions run crazy and we hit the wall of despair. It can take time to sink in but when it finally hit, it hits like a hurricane. I remember when my grandmother passed away when I was in primary school, I …

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Happy Chinese New Year to All~!

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light Up 2015

It is the time of the year again where we celebrate the Lunar New Year or more commonly known as the Chinese New Year. While originally a Chinese festival, here in Singapore it also means a nice long weekend for everyone. For the team at POPCulture Online, we are also back after a good break to bring to you our …

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It’s been 4 years

ZOMG I can’t believe that we’re turning 4 this month! Honestly I’m gonna say that I didn’t expect us to last this long……..and now I think my team wants to kill me for saying that! Hahaha but you know how it is right, if you survive the first 3 years, you’re all set for the long run! I was supposed …

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Let’s Contribute~!

Meeting Yasemin Arslan GameStart 2014

It never gets boring here at POPCulture Online and for me, it is very true as the past month was one filled with many activities. There is a joke among the team that POPCulture Online is what keeps us sane from our day jobs and it cannot be truer for me. Work has been piling up to a point that …

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