Caffé B – Treat Yourself to Artfully Crafted Dishes with a Digestible Price Tag

Caffe B Set Dinner Review

The set dinner menu begins with a light yet tempting salad – an Amuse bouche. Served delicately on a spoon, this salad features a tangy marinade drizzled over a bed of fresh spring greens and grilled porcini mushrooms.

Caffe B Set Dinner Review
But the real start to the dinner is the appetizer consisting of Smoked Salmon, Cornichon and Capers. To give the dish a Japanese twist typical of Caffé B, the smoked salmon was accompanied by diced nashi pears. On its own, neither the smoked salmon nor the pears were spectacularly good. But the balance of the two creates a perfectly delightful dish that teases even the tiniest of appetites.

The menu also comes with a comforting bowl of Soup of the Day prepared from scratch daily by the chefs at Caffé B.

Caffe B Set Dinner Review

For main courses, diners have three dishes to choose from. For vegetarians and veggie lovers, Caffé B has Risotto Simmered Al Dente, in vegetable stock with sautéed myoga (or Japanese ginger), carrots, celery and leeks, topped with freshly shaven parmesan cheese. I am not usually a huge fan of vegetables or ginger in particular, but the myoga provides a subtle kick to the risotto that is just enough to make the cream less overwhelmingly rich.

Caffe B Set Dinner Review

If you prefer chicken, you can always go for the Chicken Picatta, a traditional Italian dish drenched in shiitake tomato cream sauce and served with a side of crunchy buttered asparagus. The bright colours of the dish certainly are mood lifting, even if the flavour of each part of the dish seems too unique and individualistic to truly harmonise with one another.

Caffe B Set Dinner Review

My personal favourite will be the amazing Oven-Roasted Lamb Rack, marinated overnight with honey mustard served with chilled mint jelly, pumpkin mousse and drizzled with warm lamb jus. When we were at Caffé B for the tasting, there was only one portion of the lamb left, which speaks greatly of how popular the dish is. The burst of flavours, all in perfect balance with one another. I honestly have nothing else to say about this except that it is amazing and you absolutely need to taste it for yourself to know how perfect it is.

Caffe B Set Dinner Review

Complete the meal with a sweet treat that will leave you immensely satisfied. Light decks of buttery wafer pastry placed atop smooth, rich, and mouthwatering chocolate mousse. If you find chocolate usually too rich for you, worry not. This dish comes with a splash of raspberry coulis and wild berries, which gives it a slight tang to balance out the sweetness of the dessert.

In Singapore we are blessed with a huge selection of excellent food to choose from. But what sets Caffé B apart is also its tranquil atmosphere, the warm service of the staff, and its very affordable price tag amidst the bustling of high-end restaurants and celebrity chefs at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. The Caffé B Dinner Set Menu is priced at $65.

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