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Finding Nemo returns to the big screen—for the first time ever in thrilling Disney Digital 3D introducing a whole new generation to the stunning underwater adventure.

Director Andrew Stanton, a two-time Oscar winner for Finding Nemo and 2008’s WALL•E, says that the 3D version of the film is breathtaking—literally. “Watching the first few scenes from ‘Finding Nemo’ in 3D was like I’d never seen a 3D movie before,” says Stanton. “It took my breath away. It felt like I was more underwater. It makes the scary moments scarier. It makes the beautiful moments more beautiful. It really drops you deeper into the story. It just amplifies everything.”

The underwater setting of “Finding Nemo” required a great deal of research and experimentation to achieve the spectacular look filmmakers wanted to capture in the original 2D film. But, it turns out, the pieces put into place so many years ago actually set the stage for a rather brilliant 3D realization.

“I can’t imagine a movie better suited for 3D,” says director Andrew Stanton of “Finding Nemo.” “Firstly, there’s something hyper dimensional about computer animation that’s interesting even when it’s on a 2D plane. Secondly, this movie is set in an environment that has a very definitive three-dimensional quality to it—being underwater is like being in a big cube, there’s space on all sides. We had to introduce all these elements—light shafts, particulate matter, changes in the current—to remind the audience of that space. It turns out that those tricks were a huge aide in incorporating the 3D effect. It’s as if we planned for it.”

Character Roll Call

Let’s get you re acquainted with some of the loveable characters from the film

MARLIN voiced by Albert Brooks

A fretful and slightly neurotic clownfish father voiced by the acclaimed actor/director/comedian Albert Brooks (“Drive,” “This is 40”). He sports just three stripes (“One, two, three—that’s all I have?”) and for a clownfish, he’s not as funny as one might expect. But he’s fiercely protective of his son Nemo, wanting to do everything he can to make sure nothing ever happens to him.

Brooks was a pro at maximizing his scenes. “Even when his character wasn’t asked to be funny in a scene, he knew exactly how to play it for entertainment.

Director Andrew Stanton on Albert Brooks

DORY voiced by Ellen DeGeneres

The eternally optimistic and forever forgetful blue tang. What Dory lacks in short-term memory, she makes up for in heart. Always quick to lend a fin, she’s the only fish in the sea who offers to help Marlin when his son Nemo is plucked from his ocean home. Dory knows how to party with sharks, play hide-and-go-seek with sea turtles and—fortunately for Marlin—she even speaks whale.

She brought a real kindness and gentleness to the part, along with rhythm and quirkiness.

Director Andrew Stanton on Ellen DeGeneres

NEMO voiced by Alexander Gould

An adventurous young clownfish born with a bad fin, though his overly protective father calls it his “lucky fin.” After being captured by a diver and dropped in an aquarium, Nemo meets an oddball tank gang who dub him “Shark Bait” and help him hatch a plan to escape back to the ocean to reunite with his dad.

It’s amazing how many kids sound prepped or have some preconceived notion of what a good actor should sound like. Alex sounded real and he totally understood direction. We were really lucky to find him.

Director Andrew Stanton on Alexander Gould’s performance

BRUCE voiced by Barry Humphries

Everyone’s favourite great white shark who desperately wants to stop eating fish. Bruce holds meetings for he and his shark companions to share their problems and practice their motto—“Fish are friends, not food.” Bruce’s vegetarian efforts get derailed when a minor injury to Dory changes his friendly demeanor.

Finding Nemo 3D opens in cinemas 25 Oct

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