Love Singapore – Perfection in a Bowl

Love Singapore Bond of Hearts Oishii Japan 2013

What is your definition of a good food? Or good ramen, to be specific? For me, good food has to marry all three elements of colour, aroma, and taste, while good ramen is all about the broth. The soup has to be thick, flavourful, and yet at the same time, not send me reaching for the glass of water to wash down the taste of salt after every sip. The Love Singapore ramen offered by Japanese Ramen Artist, BOND OF HEARTS, manages all that and more.

Love Singapore is a creation by BOND OF HEARTS owner, Kenji Tsukada. On the brochure given to me while I was waiting in line eagerly for my bowl over at Oishii Japan 2013’s J-Ramen Collection pavilion, it was described as “a premium ramen flavoured with chicken, seafood and vegetable. Topped colourfully, inspired by the innovative image of Singapore.” Indeed, I was taken aback by how beautiful the ramen looked, with its quaint cabbage boat, decorated with delicate flowers, floating on the broth.

I reached eagerly for the spoon and dug in. The broth was thick and creamy, unlike the usual watery soup that we see. I picked out the rich taste of crab as the broth flowed down my throat smoothly. Unlike the usual pork chashu, I found slices of chicken in my bowl, generously slathered with red chili powder. I braced myself for the spiciness as I took a bite, only to find that the chili is mild and elegantly enhances the natural sweet taste of the meat. It is no wonder that our PCO photographer Ken Koh looked like he went to Heaven and back at one taste of this bowl of perfection.

Chef Kenji Tsukada Bond of Hearts Oishii Japan 2013

Chef Kenji Tsukada has established 19 ramen brands and 27 ramen restaurants in Hong Kong and Japan. Foodies in Singapore will certainly have something to look forward to once he expands into our little island.

by Tessie Tan
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