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Fancy a chance to become Iron Man? I know I do, each time I see Robert Downey Jr don the iconic Red and Gold suit, I sit and start day dreaming about putting on the suit myself. Well the dream is now a reality thanks to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore.

Thanks to some state of the art technology, you can now see yourself Become Iron Man at the exhibition held between 19 April and 5 May, from 10am to 10pm, Iron Man fans can head down to Bugis Junction, in front of Hotel InterContinental.

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You get to test the new Mark 42 armour before it goes back into active service and you’ll be assisted by Tony Stark’s personal assistant J.A.R.V.I.S. I like how they got Paul Bettany to voice the commands as you suit up! What you’ll be seeing on screen are a series of visual commands to help attach parts of the Mark 42 onto you and then you’ll be doing some target practice with the repulsors (ammo is unlimited here so please by all means fire as much as you want). The last phase of the test is the flight systems which will see you fly around Tony Stark’s workshop on screen.

And if you want a souvenir of your little Iron Man mission, photos will be available for download at Just remember to get your unique code after your mission. Oh and did I mention?…admission is free!!

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This event leads up to the release of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 on 26 Apr in Singapore and one of the key highlights of the film is the new Mark 42. Hardcore fans would already know that this armour is based on the Extremis story arc from the comics which see’s Tony Stark become one with the suit. We could probably speculate that while Tony Stark won’t have the suit “grow” out of his skin, unlike the comics, you can be sure that producers of the film would have found that middle ground for a live action film and for fans to embrace.

Sound pretty awesome so far? Well that’s just the half of it!

Play Imaginative also has an exhibition at the other end of the stretch where they display their range of Iron Man Super Alloy Collectable figures. These are movie replica figures from the upcoming Marvel’s Iron Man 3 and they come in 3 different scales.

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We’ve got the regular 1/6 scale of which they display the Mark 7 with the hall of armour in the background from Marvel’s The Avengers. Then we have the 1/4 scale which is much bigger and has more attention to detail. Now these feature the newer suits like the Heartbreaker armour which I hear will play a key role at the tail end of Iron Man 3 and other armours like the War Machine 2.0, the Iron Patriot, the Red Snapper and the Gemini which is a rumored space flight suit and of course the Mark 42.

Also the folks at Play Imaginative have teased that on 24 Apr they will unveil their 1/12 scale Iron Man 3 collectable figures. I think these would be more affordable of the lot and if you don’t have a lot of space this is certainly something you could consider if you want to get into toy collecting.

Plus I hear that if you pre-order the 1/4 Mark 42 before 22 Apr, you get 2 free tickets to catch the preview of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 on 25 Apr! That’s a day before the release!!

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For more photos from the Become Iron Man experience itself, do check out our album over at our Facebook Page. Photos by Kenneth Wong

Experience: 5 out of 5 stars!

By Elliott Danker

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 opens in cinemas 26 Apr, do check back here for our review of the film!

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