BEAST Beautiful Show Press Conference

Described as one of the most vocally talented idol pop groups in Korea after the release of their Fiction and Fact album, the 6 member group from South Korean, Beast (also stylized as B2ST) was in town for their first full fledge concert. A press conference was held for their Beautiful Show concert and Kenneth Wong was there to find out more about the group (Yoon Doo-joon, Jang Hyun-seung, Yong Jun-hyung, Yang Yo-seob, Lee Gi-kwang, Son Dong-woon) whose fans (called the B2UTies) have turned up in large numbers for the concert.

You have been here so many times, what is the most memorable thing for you here in Singapore?

B2ST: Although Singapore is a small country, there are so many fans that support us and we are really surprised by that, so that is the most memorable thing for us here in Singapore.

What do the Beast members think are the individual charms of some of their other members?

B2ST: DOng-Woon has a perfect look, Gi-kwang has a perfectly toned body and Yo-seob has this cuteness that no one can resist. To which Yo-seob agrees is true that he has a unique cuteness and that he is thankful that people think that this cuteness is his charm.

How do the Beast feel about all the fans from the different countries?

B2ST: Even though we cant speak all the languages of the countries we visit, we feel that the love and support we receive from the fans from across all the countries are all the same. So there isn’t much difference from the fans from the different countries. To us, every fan is memorable and we are looking forward to meeting more tonight during the Beautiful Show concert.

How do Beast feel about holding a world tour only after 3 years of being in the industry?

B2ST: Its been barely 3 years since our debut and we are happy that we are having our world tour. Even though sometimes it might feel like it is a little early, but to us it is part of the challenge. So please look out for more from us.

Which of the past performance to the members was the most beautiful?

B2ST: We can’t pinpoint a particular performance but we feel that if there was a scene that is beautiful to us, it would be the scene of the B2UTies (our fan club), filling up the audience seats.

Which of your performances, as a group or solo, was the most challenging?

B2ST: We feel that every performance, both as a group and solo, has its own level of challenge and that we will always try our best to meet each of these different challenges.

Do you have a message for your fans here in Singapore?

B2ST: We know that the Singapore fans have been waiting for quite sometime for a full fledged concert and we have prepared an awesome show with lots of interesting performances. So please look out for that and we hope all the fans that attend the concert tonight will have fun with us.

We were here in Singapore a year ago for a fan meeting before and it has already been a year since then. With regards to that, we are so happy and honored to have our first full fledged concert here. We have prepared new songs and title tracks for the fans and we hope that the fans will continue to give us their support.

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