New Bar Bites menu launched at Caffé B Marina Bay Sands

Caffé B has launched a brand new Bar Bites menu to their fine Italian cuisine with a Japanese touch at the bar, with a selection of novel dishes to choose from. Bringing the concept of communal and sharing plates, the new Bar Bites menu features a combination of creative and authentic Italian bites with 8 well-curated items to choose from. Tessie Tan and Ken Koh try out the new dishes and give their ratings!

Deep Fried Potato Skin ($16)

Caffe B Bar Bites Deep Fried Potato Skin

Rating: 2.5/5

The menu describes these as baked potato shells stuffed with a bountiful blend of chili con carne atop melted cheese and topped with coriander. To us, they tasted just ike potato wedges with chili. No worries for those with a sensitive palate though, the chili isn’t as spicy as you may think.

Beef Tripe Burger ($20)

Caffe B Bar Bites Beef Tripe Burger

Rating: 2/5

I seldom get to eat tripe here in Singapore unless when we are having pho, so I’ll give a point for unique-ness of ingredients. However, I have to admit I am not able to give an accurate assessment of this dish. The spiciness of the gherkin pickles hit me like a wrecking ball and left me tearing up and desperately drinking water for the next ten minutes.  Fans of spicy food may enjoy this though.

Wagyu Rump Beef Burger ($24)

Caffe B Bar Bites Wagyu Rump Beef Burger

Rating: 3/5

The wagyu rump steak is sliced into 3 slices, and cooked with varying levels of doneness in this dish, with the peanut butter adding an interesting contrast to the umami of the steak and the mushrooms. Personally I would prefer it if the steak is done more rare and juicier than what it is now.

Chicken & Japanese Leek Skewers ($14)

Caffe B Bar Bites Chicken & Japanese Leek Skewers

Rating: 3.5/5

At first bite the chicken tastes like tandoori chicken, but more lightly spiced than most Indian cuisine. While I’m not a fan of spicy food (if you can’t tell already), I enjoyed this very much.

Miso Chilean White Cod Burger ($19)

Caffe B Bar Bites Miso Chilean White Cod Burger

Rating: 4/5

Although the menu describes this as a “burger”, it may be more accurate to think of it as an undersized burger/oversized slider. That aside, the cod is extremely fresh, with a sweet softness on the inside and crispy on the outside. The acidity from the tomatoes reduces the “jelat-ness” of the fried fish and the (beautifully) toasted buns.

Crispy Maguro Tacos ($15)

Caffe B Bar Bites Crispy Maguro Tacos

Rating: 4/5

If you want a dish to start your day (or night), or a dish to cleanse your palatte, this would be perfect. With just the right combination of sourness and saltiness, and the perfect crunchiness of the shredded vegetables and baked taco shells, the dish is refreshing enough to be addictive.

Beef Cheek Patty ($19)

Caffe B Bar Bites Beef Cheek Patty

Rating: 3.5/5

The aroma of the sesame sauce already hits before I even start eating. The beef cheek is melt-in-your-mouth tender, an excellent contrast to the crunchiness of the bacon. This makes for a decent main course on its own if you don’t feel like sharing (I surely won’t), though the presentation leaves a bit to be desired.

Smoked Salmon on Almond Biscuit ($15)

Caffe B Bar Bites Smoked Salmon on Almond Biscuit

Rating: 3/5

The smoked salmon and the almond biscuit, if tasted on their own, would have been too salty or too sweet. But when you put them together, one flavour complements the other into a beautiful combination. My only complaint about this dish would be that almond biscuit is a little too hard to bite into.

Caffé B is located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, B1-15 & 01-83.

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