POPCulture Online caught up with the 4 ladies from Japanese band SCANDAL before they kicked off the last leg of their BABY ACTION Asia Tour here in Singapore.

Band members Haruna, Tomomi, Mami & Rina were decked out in their BABY ACTION album cover outfits as they talked about their impression of Singapore, the fans here and on their latest album.

POPCulture Online: Tell us about each of your personal impression of your fans especially the Singaporean ones?

Haruna: Just like in other countries, the Singaporean fans know our songs and they sing along with us during concerts. This is why even though we don’t sing any parts, we can hear them sing still.

Tomomi: Yeah, and when we touched down in Singapore, they were already there to welcome us at the airport in huge numbers. I was really happy.

Mami: Yes, and the fans know some Japanese as well! The fan letters they wrote to us were written in Japanese which we didn’t  expect. I was really overwhelmed and happy that the articles were in Japanese too. Just like when they were speaking to us and chanting our names.

Rina: We had some time to walk around the city to see the shops and someone shouted “リナちゃん” (Rina-Chan), which was rather common while walking around in Shibuya but to even hear it overseas, that took me by surprise and I must say it brings smile to my face.

POPCulture Online: What are some of your thoughts on Singapore and what would you would like to do while you are here?

Mami: It is like a beautiful resort. We had the chance to look from a great height at the many tall residential areas adjacent to each other and with gardens beside each other.

Rina: We’ve also been recommended to try the local food in Singapore by many people  but we haven’t had the chance yet. That’s why we are really looking forward to eating the local delicacies here such as chicken rice. I think another thing we wanted to do if we have the time is to visit the market and buy many things that cannot be found in Japan.

POPCulture Online: Anything interesting caught your attention?

SCANDAL: There were actually many things but the most interesting would be the many iPhone cases on sale here in Singapore. Back in Japan, there aren’t that many on sale.

POPCulture Online: If there is a song from BABY ACTION that you would dedicate to someone special, what song would it be and why?

Haruna: It would be Haruka. Just like a normal person, I have dreams that I want to chase after but naturally there will be setbacks too. This song gives a feeling of “no matter where and when I am at, there will be people around me, being there for me, if I wished hard enough”.

Tomomi: I would choose the song Very Special. Because of the huge earthquake that occurred in March, there have been people listening to our music while trying to get by the disaster. Thus I would like to dedicate this song as a present to them, that they will be happy about living and that they will have confidence by having people beside them.

Mami: I pick the song Glamorous You. This song is very feminine and has a message to ladies. I want to sing this song to people and the people who hear it will want to sing it to their loved ones too. People tend to look pass the small happiness around them and forget how lucky they are. This song is dedicated to their loved ones as they are glamorous, which would be perfect.

Rina: I choose the last song in the album, One Piece. It talks about dreams and as we have a lot of songs about the journey of people chasing their dreams, this song talks about the day those dreams are achieved. To continue thinking and imagining the day that they set foot on realizing that their dreams are getting closer step by step and to not forget that.

POPCulture Online: We know you girls always stay positive. So what happens when things don’t go as planned during a concert?

SCANDAL: At the end of a live concert, be it a failure or an accident, we try not to show it on our faces so we just go ‘hmmm’. We don’t just sit down and reflect but we create this kind of ‘engine'(hmmm) to keep us going as we also want to increase the tension in the live concerts. And even though all four of us are girls, we actually don’t really fight among ourselves.

SCANDAL was in town as part of their BABY ACTION Asia Tour and performed to a sell out crowd on 16 and 17 September.

By Kenneth Wong

Photo Credits: Nicholas Kwan | 2nd Translator: Ayu

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