Awesome Close ups of Lego Batman

We know we usually feature the hottest pics from the red carpet in this section but we couldn’t help but feature these awesome close up shots of the new Lego Batman movie when we got them over email.

I mean….come on….it’s Lego Batman!


Chris McKay was the editor of the original Lego Movie produced by Warner Animation Group. Now he’s been tapped to take the director’s chair for The Lego Batman Movie. If the movie’s trailers are any indication, he’s doing a fine job of continuing the look and the sense of humor for the franchise.


The SDCC trailer for The Lego Batman Movie has finally given us a few clues regarding the plot of the film. Apparently, Bruce Wayne sarcastically adopted an orphaned young man while attending a Gala, one who somehow found his way back to the Batcave. Though the Robin looks like he will be a little irritating based on the trailer….I suppose it will work with Batman “acting cool”


It looks like they will be joking about the other Batman movies when Alfred basically promised as much when he meta-referenced the entire live action history of Warner Brothers Batman films, from the DCU to Christopher Nolan to Tim Burton to Joel Schumacher. And of course Adam West.


And based on what we’ve heard, this will be the first of several Lego Batman movies

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