Audio Technica ATH-FC707 Reviewed

This month in POP-Tech, we take a look at the update to the ATH-FC700 headphones from Audio Technica, the ATH-FC707. With an elegant yet portable design in mind, the ATH-FC707 comes in both black and white depending on your fashion taste to meet the budget conscious consumer who doesn’t want to spend yet doesn’t compromise on looks and sound quality.

The ATH-FC707 comes with acoustically sealed earpads to prevent sound leakage and has an easy to wear “quick fit” headband design. A 1.2m chord with a right angle pug provides easy connection to your favorite player and the ability to fold rounds up the features of this headphone that looks to be a good buy for those looking for those long train or bus rides home from office or school.

The Verdict

I was looking for something to replace / upgrade from my ATH-SJ11 that has been my traveling partner for quite a while till I chanced upon the ATH-FC707. While it is not as flat when it comes to being folded up as compared to the ATH-SJ11, the ATH-FC707 is still reasonably small enough and fits nicely into my office bag and although I got to make space for it in my camera bag.

Sound wise, while it is not meant to match up with its bigger brothers in the Audio Techica family, it does feel like an upgrade to my ATH-SJ11. Using BoA’s Identity album as a test, you do not need super sensitive ears to hear the improvements especially in the clarity department. From the trumpets in “Bump Bump! (featuring Verbal of M-Flo)” to her voice in “Mamoritai (White Wishes)”, you can almost immediately hear the difference.

Comfort wise, the soft earpads provide enough cushion for those long trips while still keeping sound leakage to a minimum. The locking system on the headband can be a bit irritating at first but becomes second nature once you get the hang of it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

While this headphone is meant for those on a sub $100 budget, it is also no easy push over too thanks to its very decent sound quality. It’s ability to fold up neatly into a small package for easy packing plus a stylist deign makes it one of the top few options the next time you are looking for a headphone in this range.

The ATH-FC707 is out now at all authorised dealers. To find out more visit

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