Audio-Technica ATH-CKS55I Earphones Reviewed

Welcome to the all new POP Tech! This month we feature the Audio-Technica ATH-CKS55I earphones. Your gateway to pure music enjoyment not just for regular MP3 players but for your IPads and IPhones with much better clarity and bass! That's right it's designed specially for Apple products.

What they have done here is to not only further improve the sound like it''s bass and clarity but they have add a microphone very much like the one you have on your stock Iphone earphones. This new earphones allow music control functions for ʻPauseʼ, ʻPlayʼ, ʻRewindʼ, ʻFast Rewindʼ, ʻForwardʼ, ʻFast Forwardʼ, volume control and voice memo.

The Verdict

Here at POPCulture Online we love our music with extra bass and that's exactly what the ATH-CKS55I has to offer. I found the sound quality to be much richer and closer to you. It was an absolutely comfortable experience and I must say that the highlight for me was that I didn't have ear fatigue. My ears didn't feel sore or hurt after listening to Owl City's latest album, All Things Bright and Beautiful during long train rides, it was just a genuine comfortable listening experience.

That's what really stood out for me because I am still using the traditional type of earphones because I find in-ears uncomfortable but these were just perfect.

I think that was the main draw for me. I don't think we really need to get into the sound quality of Audio-Technica products, honestly if you haven't tried it you are really missing out. But let's look at the practicality of this set of earphones. It's compatible with Apple products especially the Iphone which the majority of the population is using and it's comfortable which plays a big part in the listening experience.

But now that we're done talking about quality, let's talk looks at comfort. For starters this pair of earphones comes in 3 different colours, the standard black, red/black and white. Easy to match colours and very sexy in terms of design. It fits very well with your Iphone or Ipod and you can be sure people will notice your very cool and stylish ATH-CKS55I.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This set of earphones are meant for trendy stylish people who love good sound. The ATH-CKS55I makes for an ideal lifestyle addition to you audio experience,

The ATH-CKS55I by Audio-Technica will be available from August and you can get it all authorised Audio-Technica dealers. To find out more visit

All Photos courtesy of Audio Technica Singapore

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