Audi Fashion Festival 2011

Erdem A/W 2011

Known for the influence of art in his designs from Victorian floral paintings to abstract brush stokes, Erdem Moralioglu is no stranger to the fashion world with both the Swarovski Fashion Enterprise and the Vogue Designer Fund Awards to his name.

And here at the Audi Fashion Festival, his latest A/W 2011 collection graced the runway as models sashayed down in flowy dresses with abstract water-colorued brush strokes. 

Oh and on a personal note, just gotta love this dark green coat for the cutting and design worn by local supermodel Sheila Sim.


The Atelier Swarovski show completed the Saturday night with models all sparkling and glittering as they lighted up the runway with a touch of class only Swarovski knows how.

Showing off their eighth S/S 2011 collection and featuring new collaborations with Mark Fast, Prabal Gurung, Jenny Manik Mercian, Joseph Altuzarra and Michael Kaplan.

Towards the end, the lights dimmed and white cutouts of birds descended from the roof as the "Wings of Fantasy" collection was presented in a mix of dreams and glamor.

And a special mention to local super model Charmaine Harn who wore this 15kg gown encrusted with Swarovski crystals for a job well done. Definitely not an easy job but nevertheless she did it with so much grace and elegance you wouldn't have know it was that heavy.

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