Audi Fashion Festival 2011

One of the most prestigious series of fashion shows to be held here in Singapore, the Audi Fashion Festival is once again upon us in its majestic tentage in the heart of the shopping district of Singapore, Orchard Road. And with thanks to Mercury Marketing & Communications, POPCulture Online was there to capture the many styles that the different brands had to offer.

Missoni A/W 2011

The Audi Fashion Festival opened to a kaleidoscope of colours with multitude of patterns as Italian brand Missoni opened with their A/W 2011 collection. It was not hard to see why the family run brand still continues to trive so many years later. They are always able to make their knitwear stand out with style and yet still have traces of that Missoni variety that people have come to love over the years.

It was also a nice touch to have super model Tao Okamoto open and close the show plus having the whole Missoni family there to receive the The Fashion Visionary Award from legendary fashion writer, Colin McDowell definitely set the right mood for the whole fashion festival.


PARCO next NEXT was a full house on a Saturday afternoon as Singapore's own incubator program to nature fashion designers thanks to fashion students, friends and family of the designers and of course big names such as Dick Lee.

You could feel the energy level hitting the roof of the tent (even all the way from the photopit as our photographer was recalling) as the show started with pumping music as the first series from deisgner Coupe Cousu was out on the runway with neon colours menswear. Designer Mae Pang was next with edgy futuristic inspired pieces followed by cute polka dotted designs worn by models who were giving out cute pouches to those in the front row. CHALK by Priscilla was up next which started with this really cute kid in a bumblebee outfit with Pauline Ning following up.

A.K.A Wayward came on next with printed cartoonish shirts and in contrast was Kenji who was all into glamor in a gothic way. Parco next NEXT alumnae Max Tan closed the show with his patterned pieces which was fitting as he is also one of the most successful designer to have gone through the program.


The CLEO Runway Search 2011 took place during the Audi Fashion Festival and it was a surprising contrast of two ends. From a vibrant summer fun theme at the start to one of a minimalistic elegant with black as the recurring colour.

The fashion show also featured the finalist from the competition and congrats to Grace Leong who emerged the winner from the competition.

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