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If the name ArmaGallant sound vaguely familiar to you, it’s because this RTS-Deck Building hybrid was recently won an ST Digital Award for “Best Local Game, Reader’s choice” and developers Rock Nano Global managed to secure publishing deals to distribute the game globally. I personally covered the game as part of a Made In Singapore showcase all the way back in 2015. During my short hands on session with the game, I fell in love with the concept of the game. ArmaGallant seeks to blends the meta strategy of TCGs such as Magic The Gathering with the micro madness of StarCraft. The game had a great concept and showed promise but the general lack of polish bugged me – literally, characters were clipping into each other.

ArmaGallant Hands On IMDA Tech Saturday Upsized 2017 (2)

Two years later at a hands-on session during IMDA’s Tech Saturday (Upsized!) 2017, I’m happy to announce that ArmaGallant have gotten that well-needed polish, the game’s technical performance can finally match its ambitious concept. If you have read thus far still not have the faintest clue what ArmaGallant is, then well, here’s the 50-cent tour. ArmaGallant is a Deck Building Real Time Strategy game where players would vie for domination of several control points on the map. To achieve victory, one would need to deplete the other player’s global heath points; which would tick down with each control point you control and by claiming bounties on your opponent’s units.

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For this particular playthrough, I was given a bit more time so I decided to dive into the deck building aspect of ArmaGallant. Pouring through the various elements, creature types and their affinities gave me flashbacks of my MTG days. After a couple of minutes of tinkering, I jumped straight into an AI match. The gameplay had a comfortable pace and played well but and here’s a big but; the console controls was the ArmaGallant’s Achilles heel. The game would feel a hundred times better if played with a mouse and keyboard, just like a traditional RTS. Luckily, I was ensured by the producer of ArmaGallant that a PC version of the game is next on their list. A better control scheme would absolutely help propel this game to much greater heights.

By Chen KangYi

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