Annabelle: Creation Review

The conjuring series never seems to fail me with their rich back stories, fluid cinematography and a cast of beautiful people and now we finally get to unravel the mystery of Annabelle in, Annabelle: Creations.

The Plot

Former toy maker Sam Mullins and his wife Esther are happy to welcome a nun and six orphaned girls into their California farmhouse. Years earlier, the couple lost their 7-year-old daughter Annabelle in a tragic car accident.

In their grief they prayed, they prayed so hard to have their daughter back and they did =D

12 years later, the Mullins opened their home to an orphanage of girls, headed by Sister Charlotte.

Well… what comes next in a nutshell; demonic doll was unsealed, ghost figure, scare, scare, jump scare, suspense, INTENSE SUSPENSE, black figure, some blood and gore… just SOME and lastly not forgetting “yoga poses with cracking sounds” (Hey its a Horror film for crying out loud what do you expect, a car race?)

The Scares

Honestly, not much. Its just a ugly beat up doll. Advice from a seasoned horror film viewer, just look out for the jump scares, watch how the camera moves to predict upcoming scares and you’ll be fine.

Scare rating 1.5/5

The Verdict

The clever use of the Doll hands down.  A lifeless doll had character…  Mr Jim Henson would be proud.

Overall it felt a little draggy for my taste, the thrill intensity was moderate and there was a sufficient story line to fill the brain

Rating 2.5/5

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

 Oh btw …  stay after end credits … Annabelle will wink at you

By Ken Koh

Annabelle: Creation opens in cinemas 10 Aug 2017

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