My Fav Anisong Band

Last month was a tiring month but one that marked a milestone for POPCulture Online as we were Digital Partners for Anime Festival Asia 2011. An entire weekend was dedicated to interviews and concert photography of some of the biggest Anisong groups to came to Singapore.

Anisong group angela is best known for theme songs of anime television shows. Their signature upbeat tunes and rich arrangements is a dazzling mix of electronica, dance, rock, swing jazz and ska. angela’s energetic stage presence and stunning performance brings together atsuko’s versatile vocals and KATSU’s multi-instrumental skills, instantly winning the hearts of audiences in big scale international events like Otakon and Sakura-Con.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to be able to meet and interview atsuko and KATSU from angela as part of POPCulture Online’s support of Anime Festival Asia 2011. Though there were barriers in terms of language, there seemed to be this understanding between us as we used hand signals to communicate whenever the translator was not present. I’m pretty happy too to have a photo taken with them.

Well this month we feature Tom Cruise on the cover as we preview Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. This franchise is huge and it’s impressive to see how Tom Cruise has kept it alive by involving different directors and producers for each installment. The character traits of Agent Ethan Hunt remain the same but the feel of each movie always changes and is so unique. In a month filled with festive movies, Ghost Protocal remains one of the must sees of the month.

Another big surprise we have for you is our coverage of the AFA I Love Anisong concert series. With acts such as angela, Kalafina, LiSA, May’n and a lot more all taking the stage at the Suntec City Convention Center, we had our own photographer in the pit taking some of the best moments of the concerts.

So till we release the full photo highlights of the I Love Anisong concert series, here’s a teaser of my favorite Anisong band angela.

Till we speak again, have a great December and happy holidays!

E Danker

Editor of POPCulture Online

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