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She is one of the most adored actresses in Hollywood and one of the most beautiful women in the world. But apart from her work on screen, Angelina Jolie is also known for her humanitarian work. Her latest venture to add to her resume is now directing, a move which has prompted her to say that she might be interested in quitting acting altogether and move behind the screen.

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When Angelina Jolie got behind the camera to direct the epic tale of WWII Prisoner of War survivor Louis Zamperini in the movie Unbroken, she admitted to feeling nervous. You’d think that someone like her could never feel nervous but she is indeed human after all.

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The new career move not only proved to be a challenge for her but one that would change her. Perhaps because of all her achievements on screen, that might have given her a huge amount of respect from the cast. Much like the situation Clint Eastwood was in during Million Dollar Baby.

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We don’t need to talk about her babe factor because she is simply amazing and now that she’s become a director, we’d say she’s definitely a woman in charge. We’d certainly be looking forward to catching Unbroken we’ll bring you the full review as soon as it opens.

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