amazarashi x Aimer Asia Tour 2018 in Singapore Review

Two different music styles, two different voices, yet one similar aim – to share their music with fans outside overseas. This is what both amazarashi and Aimer came to the Zepp@BIG BOX Singapore to do and from the reaction of the crowd, it’s a job well done.

amazarashi x Aimer Asia Tour 2018 in Singapore 01

With about 1,200 strong packing into the concert venue, the cold chill from the aircon slowly gave way to excitement with amazarashi opening the evening. Using a screen in front to project images to accompany the song, it was a visual feast for the eyes. For those who are not fluent in Japanese and new to the band, it was a thoughtful touch to include English translations to the lyrics and the MC segments. With a whole market outside of Japan now riding on the anime hype that are used to subs in their videos, this is a two thumbs up! The band also performed Sora Ni Utaeba, the third opening of My Hero Academina (Boku no Hero Academia) and Inochi ni Fusawashii from their tie-up for NieR:Automata to the delight of everyone present.

amazarashi x Aimer Asia Tour 2018 in Singapore 02

The band shared in their interview that they were not sure if they have any fans here in Singapore earlier but they will still perform like how they do in Japan. Perform they did and they poured out their heart and soul into their music. From the small group at the back dancing away to the songs to the duo in front of me that put down their smartphones, I am sure that amazarashi’s fanbase here has grown.

amazarashi x Aimer Asia Tour 2018 in Singapore 03

No stranger to Singapore having performed here as part of C3AFA SG’s I love Anisong many times, Aimer drew a huge response from the crowd as she walked onto stage in her white dress fit for an angel. Starting her set off with “StarRingChild” from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, it was an experience to finally hear that song in its full glory with the full band performing.

amazarashi x Aimer Asia Tour 2018 in Singapore 04

Speaking to the crowd with her growing command of the English language compared to her first performance here in Singapore, Aimer shared that her favourite place was the Singapore Botanic Gardens and mentioned Chicken Rice which the crowd replied with a great roar of approval. Continuing on with songs such as Brave Shrine, RE: I Am and Stars in the Rain, Aimer’s unique husky voice that embodies the emotions of her songs was a good reminder of her growing popularity in the industry.

It was also this concert that prompted me to purchase a set of Alpine musicsafe pro. I am not sure if it’s the front facing speakers or the way the sound was equalised and mixed but the highs were piercingly painful like nails on a chalkboard. This “effect” was further amplified with the characteristics of the vocals from amazarashi’s performance and while was all good during the start of Aimer’s performance, it slowly crept back in towards the middle.

Other than this, it was a concert to remember and attendees definitely got their money’s worth for what felt like two complete concerts for the price of one. The trip to Zepp@BIG BOX Singapore was also my first and definitely worth the journey to the west for me.

By Kenneth Wong

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